Jane Means: How to Wrap a Bottle

Jane Means: How to Wrap a Bottle

Jane Means: How to Wrap a Bottle Transcript

I’m Jane Means and I’m the gift wrap styling expert for WHSmith and in this project we’re going to be wrapping a bottle, which is a very popular item to wrap.

I’m going to be using some wrapping paper, some tape, some scissors and a ready-made bow for this project.

First of all you need to measure your paper, you need to ensure you’ve got enough wrapping to go around the bottle with a slight overlap. And in this one I’m using about 4cm of extra overlapping paper. The top and the bottom you also need enough paper, so for the bottom you’ll need about the height of the bottle, and probably about 10cm at the top.

One of the long sides I’m going to fold under all the way down about 1cm. I’m using double sided tape and I’m going to measure the whole length of the bottle and add it to the folded over piece of paper. Remove the tape, and stick.

I’m now going to pleat the end of the bottle. So I’m going to swivel the bottle around. Have your tape ready to hand. I’m now going to pleat the base. Secure it with some tape.

Sit the bottle up. I’m then going to bring my hands up the paper and fold it over. If I fold the top over once, you see that sharp edge so fold it over twice to get that lovely polished finish. And then I’m going to add my tape to secure it. To finish off, you then add your small bow. And there’s our bottle.

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