Jane Means: How to Wrap a Ball

Jane Means: How to Wrap a Ball

Jane Means: How to Wrap a Ball Transcript

I’m Jane Means and I’m the gift wrapping style expert for WHSmith, and I’ve chosen to wrap a football.

A very tricky item to wrap because it moves about, so a great handy tip for this project is to get a roll of something or a bowl and place it underneath your wrapping before you start. Your ball will then sit in the hole and will be so much easier to wrap.

Make sure you pre-cut your ribbon or your curling ribbon before you start.

What I’m now going to do is start gathering all of the wrapping to the top of the ball. Bring it up to the top and with your hand you’re going along the edge, pulling the tissue up, but very gently, to the top the ball. All the way around. It’s a good idea to stop halfway and swap hands.

Carry on gathering the tissue. And then with my spare hand, I’m going to grab the ribbon. Tie the ribbon around.

I’m also going to add some extra ribbon. Pop it around your hand a few times, and cut. So I’ve got a collection of circles of curling ribbon, I’m going to grab it in the middle, give it a little squidge, and tie it in.

I’m cutting the ends, I’m going to cut the top. Before doing that, it’s a good idea to iron any creases out.

And there is our wrapped football.

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