Jane Means: How to Line a Gift Box

Jane Means: How to Line a Gift Box

Jane Means: How to Line a Gift Box Transcript

I’m Jane Means, gift wrapping style expert for WHSmith, and I’m going to be lining a box and giving it a slight twist because many of you may be posting your presents this Christmas. So I’m actually going to add the detail on the inside and not the outside.

Whenever you are measuring your tissue, it’s quite hard to judge how much you need, so it’s always a really good tip to have the box next to the tissue, and this will act as a visual aid as you go along.

You’re going to fold the tissue just slightly within the boundary of the box. I’ve also folded one of the long edges in, so when you do fold that last piece of tissue in you’ve got this very neat center line.

I’m going to be adding some fabric – a dress – inside the box and I’m a little worried that the pattern will rub off on the fabric so just to play on the safe side you can line it with some white tissue. I also don’t want to place the dress straight in the box, the sequins are quite heavy and it will fall straight to the bottom of the box. So I’m going to prepare it with some tissue, just to lift it to the top surface. White tissue is absolutely fine for this. I’m just scrunching up some tissue and placing it in.

Another tip is, if you’re putting something very heavy into a box, for instance it might be a tea service, it’s a good idea to grab some cellophane because that’s a lot more stronger than tissue. I’m going to keep adding my tissue.

I’m then going to add my pre-folded tissue layers and place them inside of the box. It’s a good idea to just very gently fold them in half, and then you know exactly the half way mark to place it into the box.

So as you can see it’s laying on top of the box, I’m going to add my sequin dress into the box. It’s still popping out of the top of the box so just push it in gently. I’m pushing it down further than I normally would because I need to make some room to accommodate my bow. You could also grab some of these confetti and sprinkle a few inside the box.

Sprinkle your confetti inside. I’m then going to bring the two layers over, and the last piece of tissue just fold it neatly under.

Just rotating it around. I’m then going to grab my pre-made bow and place it onto the join. Push it down so it doesn’t get squashed. Your lid is then going to go on. So when your friends or family have received their gifts through the mail, they’ll take the lid off and be greeted by a really unexpected surprise.

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