Jane Means: How to Beautifully Wrap a Book

Jane Means: How to Beautifully Wrap a Book

Jane Means: How to Beautifully Wrap a Book Video Transcript

I’m Jane Means – gift wrapping style expert for WHSmith – and in this project I’m going to wrap a book but make it look really luxurious.

I’ve pre-cut my paper into a nice strip. I’m turning it over, and the great thing is with this paper, it’s got a grid on the back so it makes my life so much easier. I’m also going to be tying in a gift tag, a ready-made bow with some ribbon and I’ll be using some sharp scissors, a tape dispenser and double-sided tape.

The first thing I’m going to do is fold over one of the short edges of the gift wrap about one centimeter. I’m then going to fold it over again much larger. This is where the grid will really help you to fold in a straight line. I’m then going to fold over again, so I’m folding over three times. Make sure all your folds are straight. You’re then going to open the paper, and it will reveal some crease marks.

So what I’m now going to do using my finger and thumb, I’m going to pinch the crease lines. Give them a pinch, and then I’m going to fold it over and press down. And then going up to the next line, doing the same with two fingers and thumbs, giving it a pinch and folding it over in the same direction. And if you can try and keep the size the same. Finally up to the next one, pinch it and fold it over.

You’re then going to turn the paper over. I now need to add some tape to the back because otherwise the paper will be stretching while I’m wrapping. Pop some scotch tape over the pleats to keep them in place. I’m then going to add some double sided tape along the edge.

The next thing I’m doing is placing my book onto the wrapping. What’s really important is to get this pleated cummerbund feature into the center of the book and make sure that the lines are straight. I position it where I want it to be, and it’s a good idea to do some crease marks so if you do lose your footing you’ve got that mark to help you. The other end of the paper will go in, bring this around. Once you’re happy with the paper positioning, you can take off the double sided tape and stick.

I’m now going to deal with the sides, so I’m going to turn the book upside down. I’m going to see how much excess paper I’ve got, so I’m pushing the top down and if the paper does catch, just do a crease mark with your nails and trim off any excess that’s catching at the bottom. What I’m then doing is folding in the sides. Crease the paper as you go along. I’m then going to lift the side up, and any excess paper from above the top of the book I’m going to fold over, and I’m going to do a crease mark. I’m then folding the paper under so you get a neat finish. That should then be level with your book. Get your double sided tape and add it all the way along that edge and stick down.

You’re going to repeat the same process the other side.

And there’s our pleated paper. To emphasise the pleats even more, you can get your finger and thumb and just very gently crease them back like this.

I’ve added my ready made bow straight onto the gift tag. My ribbon is enough to go around the object, hold the two ends together and give it a single tie. You’re then going to feed the gift tag and the bow onto the ribbon. I’m then going to do a very loose knot at this point. With a smaller remnant of ribbon I’m going to create a circle with two ends. You grab it in the center and you get this bow feature straight away. I’m going to tie this in. You’ve only got one set of hands so it’s a good idea to use your little finger, hold it in place, and then hopefully you’ve got 9 fingers to do the tying. You’re then going to tie in the bow with the ribbon.

And to finish off, with the long pieces of ribbon i’m going to tie a bow. Also make sure that you cut the ends.

And there we have our wrapped book with pleats.

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