Jane Means: How to Decorate a Gift Bag

Jane Means: How to Decorate a Gift Bag

Jane Means: How to Decorate a Gift Bag Transcript

I’m Jane Means, gift wrapping style expert for WHSmith, and I’m going to show you a great way of using your remnants and off-cuts of paper during the festive season. For this project I’m using reindeer paper, a jingle bell out of a pack which I’ve removed the cord, a stem of wire, double sided tape and a pair of scissors.

The first thing I’m going to do is open my remnant of paper out and stick the two sides together using double sided tape. Place your tape, peel it off and stick together. Your two sides are now stuck. Starting with the folded in half end, I’m going to start folding the paper backwards and forwards in quite small quantities, so no more than 1cm. And you’re going to continue doing this all the way down the panel of paper. Give it a really hard press when you’ve finished. I’m then just going to pop that to one side.

You’re now going to feed your wire through the jingle bell. Close up your concertina. You’re now going to add the bell into the centre. I’m going to twist the wire nice and tight at the back. I’m going to leave these wire ends loose for later.

I’m then getting my double sided tape and I’m adding a small piece inside. Peel the tape off and close the two sides together. I’m then going to add double sided tape on the other side. Stick the two sides together. Don’t worry if you’re not level, because what I’m going to do is trim it down. You then have your pinwheel ready to decorate.

I’m now going to show you how you can use your pinwheel and add it onto a gift inside a bag.

First thing I’m going to do is grab my hole punch and punch a couple of holes through the top. I’m then going to feed the ribbon through the two holes – make sure your gift is inside at this point. Grab the two ends of the ribbon and tie. Now I’m going to feed the wires of the pinwheel through the holes on the bag. Pull them through, and then I’m going to pull the wire apart. I’m then going to trim away the excess of the wire. You can then push the wires underneath the ribbon. I’m then going to finish off by trimming the ribbon ends. And there is our decorated gift bag.

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