James Patterson Introduces Bookshots

James Patterson Introduces Bookshots

James Patterson Introduces Bookshots Transcript

Hey UK! I’m James Patterson and I’m really excited to be introducing you to Bookshots.

Bookshots are impossible to stop reading. And at under 150 pages, they can be read in one sitting.

Perfect for commuting, exercising, or reading at work when nobody’s looking, you can race through them. They’re like reading movies.

Available in new compact size paperbacks, eBooks and audio, Bookshots fit into your pocket or can be downloaded straight to your device.

One Bookshot book I know my fans will really enjoy is Cross Kill, starring – you guessed it – Alex Cross.

That’s right, the brand new Alex Cross is only available in Bookshots. You’ll find it, and lots of other great Bookshots titles everywhere books are sold.

Don’t forget there’s still time to enter our writing competition to get your story published as a Bookshots book. Submissions must be received by 17:30 GMT on Thursday 30th June 2016. You can find out more here.

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