Jacqueline Wilson Introduces Her New Book Little Stars

Jacqueline Wilson Introduces Her New Book Little Stars

Hello, I’m Jacqueline Wilson and I’m very excited to be introducing my brand new book – Little Stars.

It’s the fifth book from the world of Hetty Feather.

Hetty Feather has begun a new chapter in her lifestory. She and her dearest friend Diamond escaped from Tanglefield’s Travelling Circus and now they have to find out what they’re going to do next.

Hetty is determined that they’re going to be glamorous music hall artistes.

Hetty and Diamond quickly become big stars in Mrs Ruby’s musical show. And they also meet up with a very special friend from Hetty’s past, Flirty Bertie. Remember him?

But the Cavalcade musical is actually rather a dangerous and unsuitable place for children, and Hetty has to try really hard to protect Diamond, who just longs for an ordinary, normal childhood.

Meanwhile, Hetty struggles to understand her feelings for Bertie – and she can’t forget Jem, whom figured so prominently in her childhood.

Hetty dreams of a glittering future for herself and Diamond. The bright lights of the London theatre world beckon – do you think Hetty is going to become a truly great star?