What to Include in your Leavers’ Day Scrapbook

What to Include in your Leavers’ Day Scrapbook

For the memories


Our lives are made up of memories but there’s only so many our brains can hold onto. To collect as many memories as you can from school, get your friends to share their favourites. Different things stick in people’s mind so you might have forgotten something hilarious that happened in your first week! Whether sad, happy or just plain cringe-worthy, ask your friends to write out their fond memories from your time together.

There’s a number of different ways you could display these memories, but one particularly delightful idea is to create cute little origami envelopes using pretty paper. Acting as pockets, each one can hold a piece of paper with a special memory on. The envelopes not only look adorable but they mean you can conceal ones you’d prefer people (A.K.A parents) not to see! Years later you’ll have forgotten what the envelopes contain and be (hopefully pleasantly) surprised when you open them up and reminisce about your school days.

Snap Happy


Nothing captures a moment in time like a photo and a Leavers’ Day book wouldn’t be the same without them. We’re all tagged in thousands of photos on social media but our favourite ones can often get buried in the realms of the internet. To freeze your fondest memories in time, pick and print out your most treasured photos from your years spent at school or college. It’s up to you which photos you include so you can choose to leave out the less flattering ones!

Ask your friends to write special memories, feelings and thoughts next to photos to make your scrapbook even more personal. If you have a Polaroid camera, you could take silly selfies with your friends on your last day to stick in your book and ask them to write a message next to their picture.

Words of Wisdom


Leaving school or college usually signifies a big change in your life. You might be moving on to another school, heading off to university or entering the world of work. Wherever you’re going next you’ll be grateful for some guidance or advice to help you on your way. If you’re partial to sharing the odd inspirational quote on Instagram then why not include a few of your favourites in your book and ask your friends to share their own.

Your friends can either write down their personal words of wisdom or share poignant quotes from famous figures, for instance, ‘the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’ by Eleanor Roosevelt. When you’re feeling a bit lost or in need of some motivation, you can read over them for encouragement to follow your dreams.

Friends Forever


One of the saddest things about the last day of school or University is saying goodbye to your friends. Friends are what make your school years and, although you’ll stay in touch, you’re not going to see them everyday again. To remember all the good times you had together you could create a page for each one of your friends and together you can have fun documenting your friendship.

Use that page as a space to share everything you love about each other including joint memories, inside jokes and photos together. When you’re older you can look back and cringe at how much, or how little you’ve changed!

Time of your life


There’s no doubt about it, trips and extra-curricular activities create some of the best memories at school or college. A chance to get out of the classroom and explore somewhere new, you and your friends will share some fantastic memories from the time you spent together on a trip.

From a rainy Geography field trip to a seaside town or a once in a lifetime adventure abroad on a sports team tour, document your favourite memories by dedicating pages to each trip. Make sure to include mementos from that day including tickets, photos and souvenirs. You can do the same for memorable events such as a Leavers’ Ball or Sports Day.

Keep in Touch

We might live in a digital world with all our friends in our pockets, but it’s a good idea to have a physical record of their contact details, just in case technology lets you down one day or you lose your phone. Leave a page in your book where everyone can jot down their personal details including phone number, email and home address so you know how to get in touch with them. You never know, you might want to go old school and send them a letter one day!

To save time and avoid a queue of people waiting to sign your book, why not cut out shapes of coloured card for your friends to write on and stick them in afterwards. That way you can take your time arranging them in the prettiest way possible, perhaps in a pattern or colour-coordinate friends from different subjects and classes.

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