Why It’s Important for Your Child to Keep an Organised Desk

Why It’s Important for Your Child to Keep an Organised Desk

Structure and concentration

Organisation is key to productivity, so it’s important to encourage your child to keep everything organised as well as clutter-free. This means that everything should have an allocated space so that your child can easily – and quickly – find what they need. The less time spent rummaging around trying to locate items, the more time they can spend completing work uninterrupted. Not only does this mean they have to concentrate for less time overall and so are less likely to get frustrated and give up, they will also finish their work quicker and will have more time to play afterwards. Filing, drawers, baskets and storage boxes are all great ways of organising the contents of your child’s desk. If the desk comes fitted with drawers, don’t let your child resort to an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ approach by filling them with junk: they should be equally as tidy as everything on the desktop.

Why it's Important for Your Child to Keep an Organised Desk

Good posture

A tidy desk means your child won’t become distracted by clutter, but it also has physical benefits too. Studies have shown that people are more likely to demonstrate better posture when sitting at an organised desk, whereas mess and unorganised clutter has been associated with those that slump at their desks. Bad posture from an early age can pose a range of back issues later in life and so it is important to encourage your child to sit properly as early as possible.


Key to reaping the benefits of a tidy desk is to ensure it is used mainly for work. If your child starts to engage in activities that are not work related at their desks, such as playing on their games console, the line between work time and play time may become blurred which can impact on productivity. If your child learns to associate their desk with homework, rather than as a place to sit in general, they are more likely to sustain focus and take pride in keeping their desktop tidy.

Benefits in the workplace

We all know that positive habits in childhood can offer many benefits into adulthood. A tidy desk in the workplace can help boost productivity and will also give a more organised and efficient impression to bosses and colleagues. Learning simple habits such as eating away from your desk and keeping it clean can also help address a number of hygiene issues. Researches have claimed that some keyboards used by those that eat at their desks are dirtier than a toilet seat, and crumbs stuck in the keys can quickly spread germs and cause technical problems. By practicing organisation and tidiness from an early age, you may not only be providing the best environment for your child to learn at home, but also instilling skills that will greatly benefit them in the workplace.

Do you struggle to get your child to keep their desk tidy? Any tips on how to get them organised? Share them in the comments box below.