Ideas to Revamp Your Wrapped Presents

Ideas to Revamp Your Wrapped Presents

Give us a clue

Why not give the recipient a clue about what is hidden inside? You don’t need to give the game away, but you can drop a subtle hint with the wrapping paper. For example, if you have bought a youngster a new football kit you can conceal it in football themed wrapping paper. Alternatively, giving your mum some delicious treats and wrapping them in glittery food themed wrapping paper might give her an indication of what is inside.

A confetti cascade

Get the party started early by hiding a handful of confetti inside a card, present or gift bag. Depending on the occasion you can choose different shapes. Heart confetti is perfect for weddings and anniversaries, while for a birthday you might want to include balloon-shaped or present-shaped confetti instead. Whatever you go for, it will give the recipient an extra surprise.

Snap happy

Make your gift extra special by adding a photograph. Relatives love to receive photos of grandchildren, nieces and nephews, so why not make a photo card that is a gift in itself? You can send it as a card in the post or attach it to a present instead of a gift tag. You can make your own photo greeting cards that are really simple to use.

Get fancy with ribbon

The traditional image of a wrapped present is one with a ribbon tied in a perfect bow on top. But don’t just stick with a simple bow. Why not get creative and make your own ribbons and bows? It gives gifts a more professional look and is sure to impress. You can create lattice work ribbon, ribbon gift tags or even use deflated balloons to add a quirky design element to your gift. Get inspired with these bow-tiful ribbon ideas

Go natural

Wrapping presents in brown paper gives them an instantly classy look and a blank canvas from which to work. Go with a natural theme and add twine, leaves or a sprig of lavender. Go typographical and add printed words in quirky fonts. Or how about injecting a splash of colour with brightly coloured wool – think pom poms, rainbow woollen stripes or tassels? Go for recycled brown roll paper and attach a brown parcel tag to complete the look.

Stay on brand

If the event or party you are attending has a theme you can wrap your gift in a way that complements it. Weddings are usually themed around a colour; if this is the case you can extend that theme to include your wrapping paper or card. Children’s birthday parties are often themed too so a present encased in dinosaur wrapping paper, Peppa Pig wrapping paper or wild animal wrapping paper, for example, will fit in perfectly.

Go, go glitter glue

Add a touch of bling to any gift by writing or drawing with glitter glue on your gift wrap. You might want to go the whole hog and add glitter to ribbons and labels too. This is a great way to get kids involved and unleash the whole family’s creative side. Plus there is something immensely satisfying about using glitter glue – whatever your age.

Add the personal touch

Make it absolutely clear who the present is intended for (and add a stylish design element while you’re at it) by adding the recipient’s initial(s) to the wrapped present. You can do this by cutting out a letter from a contrasting sheet of card or wrapping paper, or by writing their name using a fine point permanent marker or Tipp-ex tape pen

Step away from the conventional

If you want your present to be truly memorable then you need to go for the unconventional. Why not use patterned sticky tape to seal the gift or attach something different to the outside (badges, crackers or small toys)? For children you could use plain paper and attach a set of washable colouring pens to the outside for them to create their own designs, leaving you more time to come up with even more fantastic wrapping paper ideas.

Now that’s a wrap!

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