Ian Poulter: An Exclusive Q & A

Ian Poulter: An Exclusive Q & A

For European, especially British, golf fans you will forever be remembered as the catalyst for the Ryder cup win in 2012. That amazing performance followed on from taking the winning points in 2004, being the highest point scorer (for either team) in 2008 and winning 3 from 4 in 2010. What is it about The Ryder Cup that brings the best out of you?

Playing for more than just yourself. You are playing for your country and your teammates. You can’t miss a putt or shot because you would be letting your teammates down.

It’s well known that you have a love for cars. What’s the best car you’ve owned and what’s next on the shopping list?

The best car I’ve owned is the 275 GTB/4 Ferrari and the next one on my shopping list is La Ferrari.

If you were to book a round of golf for yourself and three others – a golfer, another sportsman and a wildcard – who would be in your group?

  1. Golfer: Jack Nicklaus
  2. Sportsman: Muhammad Ali
  3. Wildcard: My father

You’ve played in some amazing locations around the world. Do you have a favourite course, or a favourite hole?

Favourite course has to be Royal Melbourne. Favourite hole is the 17th St. Andrews, a stunning hole.

Which chapter did you enjoy writing the most in No Limits?

The whole book was thoroughly enjoyable to write. Each chapter brought back lots of memories which were great to relive, each and every one.

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