How to Wrap a Small Gift

How to Wrap a Small Gift

How to Wrap a Small Gift

You will need:

  1. 1x sheet of wrapping paper
  2. 1x holepuncher
  3. 1x piece of ribbon or twine
  4. 1x pair of scissors
  5. 1x ruler
  6. 1x pen
  7. Accessories to decorate


1. Measure the gift you wish to wrap and roughly work out how large your pyramid needs to be in order to hold it. Our present had a circumference of 6cms so we allowed 10cms x 10cms x 10cms for our pyramid.

2. At the centre of your wrapping paper draw a square to the measurements you worked out in step 1. This will form the base of your pyramid so our square measured 10cms x 10cms.

Top tip: WHSmith wrapping paper features gridlines on the inside that will make drawing the square and completing the following steps much simpler.

3. Make a small mark at the halfway point of each line of your square.

4. Using the halfway mark as a starting point, make a small dot the same distance away from the line of your square as you wish the height of the pyramid to be (10cms for us). Use a ruler to ensure the dot is parallel with the halfway point. Repeat for each line of your square.

5. Using a ruler, connect each dot to the two nearest corners of the square, forming a triangle.

You have now created your basic template for the pyramid.

6. Draw a tab on each line of the perimeter of your template. You can use a ruler for this, but as the tabs will be concealed there is no need to worry about neatness. The tabs should be at least 1cm wide.

7. Cut the template out from your wrapping paper.

8. Neatly fold over each line of the template, including the tabs and where the triangles meet the square. Scoring the lines with a pen beforehand may be useful.

9. Punch a hole near the tip of each triangle, taking care to keep it at the top centre and away from the edges. Your holes will need to line up when you assemble the pyramid so either measure a spot on each triangle about 1cms from the tip or use a point on the hole-puncher as a reference point.

10. Place your gift on the square base and fold the triangles up to form a pyramid around it, ensuring the tabs are neatly folded in out of sight. If you’re struggling to keep the tabs in place then you can glue or tape them together.

11. You can now weave your twine or ribbon in and out of the holes to secure them in place. Tie the ribbon into a neat bow to finish, being careful not to crumble the paper, but ensuring the bow is tied tightly enough to keep the triangles together.

12. Your pyramid is now complete and ready to be decorated! We cut out a small white tag, punched a hole in the end and threaded it onto our bow. We then glued red and white snowflake confetti around the pyramid to add a touch of festive colour.

Share your creative ideas for wrapping small gifts in the comments box below.

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