How to Spread a Little Kindness During Children’s Mental Health Week

How to Spread a Little Kindness During Children’s Mental Health Week

Place2Be is one of several great charities carrying out important work to help children cope with social, emotional and mental problems, working with more than 250 schools around the UK. From the 6-12th February 2017 they will be running Children’s Mental Health Week, and for this year’s theme they’ve chosen to help spread a little kindness. A small gesture can make a big difference to a child struggling with problems such as trouble at home, bullying, keeping up in class or moving schools, and scientists have proven that kindness is good for our brains and relationships.

“Kindness is a skill that we can practise and grow. It’s not enough to sit around wishing there was more kindness in your life. You need to develop ways of putting it into action!” – Keith Harvey, Place2Be’s Learning and Development Manager for the North advised.

On Monday 6th February 2017, Place2Be are encouraging schools to take part in The Big Assembly; a school assembly designed to role play and encourage kindness. And as parents, there are lots of ways you can build on this and teach the value of kindness after school. Place2Be have put together a few simple ways to encourage your child to spread a little kindness this week, and beyond…

  1. Point out kindness whenever you see it: in the news, in a bedtime story, in your family, on the street… helping your child notice acts of kindness all around them will inform and inspire them.
  2. Involve your child if you’re helping out a friend or a neighbour, doing kind things together can be really fun and they will learn from your example!
  3. When you notice your child being kind, comment on it. A little bit of kindness goes a long way.
  4. And finally, be kind to yourself – something that’s all too easy to forget. Being a parent or carer can be hard work, so don’t be too tough on yourself.

Don’t forget: If you’re worried about your child, talk to your GP or someone at your child’s school. You can also find a list of organisations that provide support and advice for parents, on the Place2Be website.

Visit to find out how you can get involved.

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