How to Make Your Own Witch’s Hat for Halloween

How to Make Your Own Witch’s Hat for Halloween


1. Draw around a large plate onto the black card – this will be the template for the rim of the hat.

2. Cut out the circle.

3. Leaving 5cm gaps, cut out small triangles along the rim of the hat.

4. Use the other piece of black card to roll into the shape of a cone.

5. Draw around a smaller bowl or plate in the centre of the hat’s base.

6. Cut out the hole.

7. Cut 5cm slits into the base of the cone.

8. Use these flaps to secure the cone to the rim. Use sticky tape to fasten them in place.

9. Measure the ribbon around the hat and secure with sticky tape.

10. Cut a square buckle out of the gold card.

11. Secure the buckle to the front of the hat using glue stick.

12. Cut off several long pieces of string – all similar in length.

13. Fasten these to each side of the hat using sticky tape.

14. Your scary witch’s hat is now ready… you just need to work on that cackle!

And if you’re feeling really creative…

Use star stickers, pompoms or glitter to decorate your hat.

Attach black netting around the rim of your hat to hang down.

Stick a plastic spider to some string and have it hanging down from the tip of your hat.

Use purple card instead of black.

Bend over the top of your witches’ hat for a crooked look!

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