How to Make Your Own Tom Gates Baubles

How to Make Your Own Tom Gates Baubles


Make Your Own Tom Gates Baubles

It’s really EASY to make these Tom Gates baubles, just follow the instructions and once they’re done add them to your tree or hang them around your house!

1. Simply colour in the different characters and the baubles they’re on.

2. Then carefully cut along the dotted lines (make sure you ask an adult for help with this bit).

3. Next use a hole punch and thread some ribbon through the hole so that you can hang them on the tree.

4. Make sure you doodle something festive on the back of all six baubles, you could even add glitter!


Who Features on our Baubles?

Tom Gates

Tom loves doodling and when Mr Fullerman doesn’t have his BIG BEADY EYES on him he doodles in class.

His teachers say he’s easily distracted and lacks “focus”. Tom thinks that’s HARSH because he’s often VERY focused on what TREAT he’s going to eat when he gets home!


Delia is Tom’s older sister and Tom thinks Delia is always GRUMPY. But as long as he stays out of her room she can TOLERATE him (just). If she had a CHOICE she would NEVER hang out with her family and would AVOID as many “family gatherings” as possible.


Rooster belongs to Tom’s best friend DEREK and Tom LOVES Rooster. He WISHES he had a dog like Rooster rather than a grumpy sister.

Mr Fullerman

Tom’s teacher is called Mr Fullerman and Tom tries to avoid his BIG BEADY EYES when he’s DOODLING in class. Unfortunately he’s not ALWAYS successful.

Top of the Class (Nearly) Tom Gates 9 – Liz Pichon

TIPS FOR BEING TOP OF THE CLASS (Sadly…I did NONE of these things.)

1. Stay awake in lessons (it helps.)

2. Don’t draw HILARIOUS pictures of your teachers.

3. AVOID the class bully to stay out of trouble.

4. Don’t let Mum and Dad write ANYTHING in your school planner.

5. Don’t let your grumpy sister Delia BOSS you around. (Technically not a school issue – but still important.)

I’m TRYING to get voted onto the school council as well – but thanks to the ABOVE list it’s not exactly going to plan.

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