How to Make Your Own Clangers Pom-Pom Toy

How to Make Your Own Clangers Pom-Pom Toy

Step 1:

Start making the Clanger body AKA the pom pom. We’re using a pom pom maker, but you can easily make your own out of cardboard.

Carefully wrap the yarn around (around 4 – 5 times) so it’s a good thickness. If using cardboard, you’ll need 2 circles (cut to the size you want the pom pom to be) with a hole in the middle.

Put the pieces back-to-back and wrap the yarn around both, through the hole in the middle.

Step 2:

After wrapping comes cutting.

Carefully cut around the outside in between the two pieces of cardboard, or two sides of your pom pom maker.

This is when your pom pom comes to life.

Step 3:

Now you need to securely tie-off the pom pom while it’s still on the cardboard or pom pom maker.

Cut a length of the pink wool and use this to wrap around the centre (or between the two cardboard circles). Tie securely with a double – or double-double to be sure – knot.

You will now be able to remove the cardboard or pom pom maker and will be left with your pom pom body. Now you need the other materials.

Step 4:

Using the felt – cut out the nose and face for your Clanger.

Using the felt-tip pen – draw two Clanger eyes on it at the top.

Step 5:

Select the spot on your pom pom for your Clanger face and nose.

Press down the wool a little and then pop some glue along the back of the felt, behind the eyes.

Firmly stick down on the pom pom. We used a paper glue for this, something like pritt stick would work as well.

Step 6:

Using some more pink felt and some black, cut out some little ears and shoes.

Position and glue them to the pom pom as in step 5 for the face and nose.

Your Pom Pom Clanger is complete!

Sit back and admire, or make another one!

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