How to Look After the Stationery Addict in your Life

How to Look After the Stationery Addict in your Life

1. Never borrow a pen without asking. In fact, don’t even ask. Just keep a biro on you and keep your mitts off our pens

2. Never judge us for our extensive pen collection. Just know that it’s beautiful and true

3. Don’t comment on how much we spend on a pen. You just don’t understand…

4. Never rip a page out of a notebook in front of us

5. Never utter the words “it’s just a pen” during a pen crisis

6. Wait until we’re nearby before you sharpen your pencil. Stationery addicts are drawn to the sound and smell

7. Practise your “ooh”s and “ahh”s for when we show you our latest stationery haul

8. Never touch our eraser collection. They are for looking at only

9. Be understanding when we complain about stuff like wide ruled paper. For some of us, it’s a deal breaker and the reason why we can’t have that beautiful, beautiful notebook!

10. Never leave the lid off your pen in front of us. We’ll be twitching until you fix it

11. Don’t comment on how much unused stationery we have. We’re just waiting for the right opportunity to use it!

12. Get to know our stationery tastes. Just because we’re a stationery addict doesn’t mean we want to hear about every rubber, sharpener and paperclip you find

13. Tag us in calligraphy videos and stationery hauls online. Seriously, we never tire of them!

14. And lastly, take us on frequent trips to the stationery aisle

You can find lots of gorgeous stationery online and in our stores to impress the stationery addict in your life.

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