How to Create Mr Twit’s Beard for Dahlicious Dress Up Day

How to Create Mr Twit’s Beard for Dahlicious Dress Up Day


1. Measure your child’s face so you know how wide and long the beard template should be.

2. Using a pencil or chalk, draw your beard template onto the black card, leaving a space for the mouth and nose.

3. Cut out the template and the mouth hole.

4. Find some elastic (my daughter used an old stretchy hairband).

5. Make one hole in each side of the beard
(Top tip: put some plasticine behind the card and push your pencil into it).

6. Cut off strips of black tissue paper to look like hair.

7. Stick down the “hair” with Pritt Stick.

8. Mr Twit never washed his beard, so it was full of food. We found some little rubbers shaped like bananas and oranges. For added eww-factor, make things like eggs and fish bones from plasticine or card and stick to the beard with sticky-backed tape.

9. Put the elastic through the holes and secure with a knot.

10. Wear your disgusting Mr Twit beard with pride!

And if you’re feeling really creative…

Try using store cupboard food, such as dried pasta and cornflakes, to stick to the beard.

If you don’t have any tissue paper to hand you could try using brown felt instead – or even twigs from the garden!

And if a big bushy beard isn’t commitment enough for Dahlicious Dress Up Day then why not fashion yourself some big bushy eyebrows from pipe cleaners too?


You can find out more about the fantastically fun Dahlicious Dress Up Day online.
And teachers can find out more about the free Puffin Virtually Live Roald Dahl Show here.

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