How Can I Help My Child Through Key Stage 4?

How Can I Help My Child Through Key Stage 4?

It’s important to make sure your child has all the right equipment they need for revision as well as a quiet space to study. Letting them choose new stationery such as highlighters and post-it notes may make revision easier to organise and break down into smaller chunks. When your teen is revising at home, try to consider how the family routine could affect their learning. Make sure there’s a clear space for your child to work as this will boost their productivity. Similarly, if you have other children it may be a good idea to allocate a ‘quiet time’ so your teen doesn’t get too distracted.

Expect your teen to be stressed and therefore agitated during this time. Incentives for hard work (not results) will encourage them to put more effort in and will also provide a welcome break and reward at the end of it to keep their stress levels down. A trip to the cinema on the weekend or treating them to a new pair of trainers can do wonders for their motivation after a week of intense revision. You should monitor your child’s progress but don’t look over their shoulder all the time as this may make them frustrated. Ensure they maintain a healthy diet and encourage them to take regular breaks. Most importantly of all, make sure they know you are there if they need you.

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