Homespun Christmas Gift Wrap Inspiration

Homespun Christmas Gift Wrap Inspiration

Plain brown wrapping paper works so well for the homespun look due to its simple, timeless appeal that allows it to be dressed up in countless ways. Gingham ribbon, embellishments and brown paper tags can achieve that traditional feel, whilst buttons, twine and even sprigs of lavender or cinnamon sticks can add a rustic element. It’s all about showing off your personal style this Christmas!

The homemade appeal is sure to make your loved ones feel special this Christmas, and you could even be helping to save a few pennies in your pocket. Brown paper often works out cheaper than wrapping paper, and creating your own tags and accessories with the help of recycled materials is a smart money-saving tip.

We’ve used thick red ribbons, patterned twine, paper bags and have even embellished our own gift tags to give them that DIY appeal. Wonderfully easy to create a stylised finish, you’ll be surprised at how effective a simple accessory against brown paper can be. Take a look at how we’ve used the beautiful range of Christmas gift wrap accessories we have this year, to recreate the look.

Please be aware that the seasonal products featured in this blog post may no longer be available. Our current range of wrapping paper and accessories can be viewed on our website.

Match a vibrant gift tag with simple paper for a bold look

Our hessian gift wrap has a gorgeous, eye-catching texture that achieves the timeless appeal of brown paper with a richer finish. We kept it simple with red raffia ribbon and our fun ‘open on the 25th’ tag.

Try out different textures to make your presents stand out

The key to making this look work is to pick a feature piece that you want to show off. Our felt holly present toppers are beautiful with stunning shades of green and red and a warm texture. We’ve kept the supporting pieces simple with brown paper, brown and white ribbon and a cute layer of polka dot tissue paper.

Layering similar patterns will add depth and interest to your presents

If you’re not a fan of plain brown paper but still want to achieve the look, try out our Christmas kraft paper with ‘Merry Christmas’ in festive red glitter. It’s available in green too!

Keep the tag neat by simply writing the recipient's name with a black fineliner

Adding embellishments and creating your own tags is possibly the most fun part of gift wrapping. We combined red and green holly leaves with an adorable red bell for a 3D effect, and placed it against a plain brown tag to set the look off.

Red and white work particularly well with brown paper, instantly achieving a festive look

Don’t be afraid to mix and match textures and patterns. Many of our ribbons come in 3 reels which complement each other already, so get wrapping, layering, twisting, tying and trimming with confidence. There’s no need to worry about neatness either; frayed edges, loose ends and off-center ribbon will all add to the homemade theme, so get stuck in!

We have even more images, ideas and inspiration over on our Instagram and Pinterest boards, so make sure you take a look to help fuel your creativity this Christmas.

Take a look at our Gift Wrap and Accessories to create your own look.

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