Harold’s Hungry Eyes Free Download

Harold’s Hungry Eyes Free Download

Harold's Hungry Eyes

Harold’s Hungry Eyes – Kevin Waldron

A stylish depiction of the life of a food-obsessed urban dog, with hints of edible humour.

Like most dogs, Harold is food-obsessed; unlike most dogs, he imagines food in the most unlikely places – on buildings, cars, mailboxes, even fire hydrants!

One morning, Harold wakes to find his favourite chair is missing. When he discovers it being taken away by a dustbin lorry Harold sneaks out to follow. Soon he is lost in the big city and must use his imagination and big appetite to find his way home.

Along the way he sees food in the most unlikely places – on buildings, cars, in letterboxes and on buses, from a waffle manhole cover to wafer biscuit steps.

Thankfully, Harold’s hungry eyes lead him to familiar landmarks and he finds his way home…to breakfast!

Author-Illustrator Kevin Waldron Introduces Harold

Harold is a Boston terrier. I have a soft spot for Boston terriers, I think it’s their expressive eyes. So I began to fill a sketchbook with drawings of Boston terriers. They are black and white, I draw with a black pen, the faster you draw them the better they look. This was a good start. I made a little animated loop of Harolds alone in the home all day and the children’s team at Phaidon saw it. We had a meeting and I showed them all the collage art I had been making for my own amusement at that time. Add the dog to collage art and write a story and we’ll have a book they said. And that made sense to me. Harold does have an owner but a story where Harold was on his own seemed much more interesting. We might see more of his personality that way. Harold alone at home with his appetite and imagination was fun, but Harold alone with his appetite in the city was really what we wanted to see. So I stopped drawing Harolds for a little bit. And I started drawing food collage scenes in the city. I cycle to my studio from Manhattan to Brooklyn everyday and I would keep my eyes peeled for such opportunities. Sometimes I would wander around with my little notebook and sketch awnings that looked like wrapped sweets or fountains that looked like teacups or architecture that looked like wedding cakes.

Harold is a happy, friendly dog. Harold is always hungry and his relationship with you will be dramatically different depending whether or not you have food on your person. Harold enjoys the life he leads very much. It is a life of routine. I didn’t want to meddle too much with Harold’s life, but I had to interfere just a little for the purpose of our story. Change, after all, can be a good thing.

Harold’s Hungry Eyes Activity Sheet

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