Harlan Coben: What Motivates Me to Write

Harlan Coben: What Motivates Me to Write

Harlan Coben What Motivates Me to Write Transcript

One of the great lies that writers will sometimes say is “I write only for myself, I don’t care if anybody reads it”. That’s like saying “I talk only to myself, I don’t care if anybody listens”.

Writing, from the beginning of time, since we were writing on cave walls, writing has been about communication, and that’s the magic for me. That when I write, I’m communicating with you one on one.

And there’s an Arabic expression that “When one man dies, the whole universe dies” when one person reads the book, a whole new universe of – in this case Maya for example, and Shane – exists in your world, completely different from everybody else’s. And that’s still the cool part for me.

A writer without a reader is a man who claps with one hand. The reader is a completely necessary part of that.

And so that’s why I love to write, it’s that feeling of communication, it’s that keeping you up all night.

I want to be the one that keeps you up all night, I want you to curse me in the morning because you had to know what was going to happen to Maya and Shane and Lily and all the rest.

That’s the part that jazzes me still after all these years.

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