Guy Parker-Rees: How to Draw Titchy Chick

Guy Parker-Rees: How to Draw Titchy Chick

Dylan the Doctor

Guy Parker-Rees: How to Draw Titchy Chick Transcript

Hello there! My name is Guy Parker-Rees, welcome to my studio! Today I’m going to show you how to draw Titchy Chick. He comes in this book about Dylan the Doctor, and it’s very easy.

Titchy Chick is based on one of these little characters, you’ve probably seen them around Easter time. They usually pop up around then. And all you need for this are a set of coloured pencils. I’m going to use this big set, you can just use a small set, you only need a few colours and a bit of paper. You can even get a small person to do the yellow squiggle at the beginning, and you can add the extra bits and impress them as you bring it to life and show them what an artistic genius you are. Have a go! Can’t go wrong!

Draw a yellow round(ish) squiggle (your small person can do this bit).
Draw two lines for legs in red.
Add first toe – about here. Then second. Then third.
Add two lines like these for wings in blue. Draw ‘ws’s under them for feathers.
Add a pointy red beak and colour it in.
Add a purple squiggle as a shadow.
Now try other movements.
Leaping. Hopping. Sad. Happy. Phew – that’s enough!
Well done! You’re an artist!

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