Guinness World Records™ 2016: Our Top Records

Guinness World Records™ 2016: Our Top Records

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Fastest tortoise

The greatest speed achieved by a tortoise is 0.28 m/s (0.92 ft/s) and was achieved by Bertie at Adventure Valley, Brasside, UK on 9 July 2014.

Bertie lives at family adventure park Adventure Valley – where his record was set – owned by husband and wife Marco and Janine Calzini.

Since setting a new Guinness World Records™ title, Bertie has become quite a celebrity and very popular with visitors. He now lives in a luxury enclosure with his girlfriend Shelly and his Guinness World Records™ certificate proudly displayed on the wall.

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Largest cowboy boot sculpture

The tallest cowboy boot sculpture measures 10.74 m (35 ft 3 in) in height and was constructed by local artist Bob Wade (USA).

It was measured in San Antonio, Texas, USA, at the entrance of the North Star Mall where it still stands, on 4 November 2014.

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Largest model train set

The largest model train set has a total track length of 13km (8 miles) and 900 trains pull 12,00 wagons along it.

Twin brothers Frederik and Gerrit Braun created their masterpiece at the Minatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany.

The set mimics regions of Europe and the USA, including Hamburg’s Imtech Arena and a mini Las Vegas. 200,000 figurines occupy it already, and it’s not finished yet…

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Tallest living person – Sultan Kosen

The tallest person living is Sultan Kösen from Turkey, born on the 10 December 1982. Sultan’s height reached 251 cm (8 ft 3 inches) tall when he was measured in Ankara (Turkey) on 8 February 2011.

Sultan’s hands, measuring 28.5cm (11.22 inches) from the wrists to the tip of the middle finger, are the largest hands on a living person. They span 30.48cm (12 inches) – longer than an American football.

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The most balls caught by a dog with its paws in one minute

The most balls caught by a dog with its paws in one minute is 14 and was achieved by Purin and her owner Makoto Kumagai (both Japan) in Sakura, Chiba, Japan, on 22 March 2015.

9 year old beagle Purin also set the record for the fastest 10 m travelled on a swiss ball by a dog. He rolled 10 m on top of an inflatable ball in just 11.9 seconds back in January 2015.

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Farthest distance side-wheel driving – motor tricycle

Jagathish M (India) travelled 2.2 km (1.37 miles) side-wheel driving in an autorickshaw on 17 February 2011. The stunt was achieved for the reality TV show Guinness World Records – Ab India Todega at the Juhu Aerodrome in Mumbai, India.

Jagathish is 27 years old and is a tuk-tuk driver in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

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Largest hot dog cart

The largest hot dog cart measures 2.81 m (9 ft 3 inches) wide by 7.06 m (23 ft 2 inches) long. Its height from the ground to the handle is 3.72 m (12 ft 2.75 inches) and the wheels’ diameter is 1.86 m (6 ft 1.5 inches). The cart was measured in the city of Union, Missouri, USA on 28 October 2013.

Fast food vendor Marcus “Hot Dog Man” Daily (USA) and his team serve their hot dogs from this movable push cart.

The cart is a scaled up stainless steel K-D Machine & Tool Model 300 that is three and a half times the size of the original as verified by a State of Missouri land surveyor.

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