Graham Norton Introduces his First Novel Holding

Graham Norton Introduces his First Novel Holding

Graham Norton Introduces his First Novel Holding Transcript

Dear WHSmiths customer,

I’m thrilled and not a little nervous to be able to say that my first novel, HOLDING, is now available to preorder from WHSmith.

HOLDING’S not the novel I planned to write, at least, not at first. I had lots of ideas that I knew I wanted to pull together into one town: a town with a cast of characters each with their own story. I knew that the town and those characters would be located in rural Ireland, and reflect the priorities and concerns – land, marriage, religion – that are so present in that area still.

But I found as I wrote more and more about the characters that live in Duneen, and how their lives have become suspended somehow – due to grief, due to unhappiness, due to fear of failure – that I wanted to treat them sympathetically and warmly.

The story starts with a body being discovered on a building site in the town. The body’s been there a long time and so the secret has been very well concealed. PJ Collins, the town’s only policeman, whose biggest professional challenge up to now has been organising the parking for the school fair, is the one who has to unravel this mystery, to pick apart these very tightly tied knots, and bring everything out into the open.

I am hugely excited that HOLDING is now heading out into the world, and would love to hear what you think. Please do let me know on Twitter @Grahnort using the hashtag #readholding. I will be watching!



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