Girl Online on Tour: 5 Things We’re Looking Forward to in Zoella’s New Book

Girl Online on Tour: 5 Things We’re Looking Forward to in Zoella’s New Book

We’ve summed up 5 things that we’re most looking forward to finding out in Girl Online on Tour. Let us know what you’re most excited about in the comments box below.

1. More Penny and Elliot hilarity

One of our favourite things about Girl Online was the awesome friendship between Penny and Elliot… or should we call them Ocean Strong and Waldorf Wild?! From their amazing wall-knocking codes and afternoons on the pier, to that epic milkshake incident – we have major frenvy! We can’t wait to see how their friendship develops in Girl Online: On Tour! #friendgoals

2. Some true Penny-style embarrassing moments…

We love Penny so much. She’s warm, honest, funny and really relatable – and she makes us feel a lot better about our own embarrassing moments. In her own words, she’s “an International Embarrassment Waiting to Happen, Cursed by the God of Awkward Moments”. In Girl Online, she went through the ultimate cringe incident during the school play, and not only did she survive – she totally styled it out and made it into a complete ‘Glass Slipper Moment’ (an event which should have been bad but led to something really good in the end). We’re excited for more of that in the second book!

3. More Rock-God-tastic Noah

Girl Online: On Tour promises even more of Noah Flynn, the rock-god-tastic Brooklyn Boy with whom Penny fell in love in the first book. He’s mysterious, talented, and can put together a really top-notch picnic… In Girl Online: On Tour, we’ll join Noah on his European music tour. We’ll meet his bandmates and be flung headfirst into his world of non-stop gigs and jealous fans – we can’t wait!

4. Romance!

It’s official – romance fans of all ages have been spotted settling down with Girl Online this summer: at the beach, on the Tube, in their lunch break… The romantic twists and turns of Penny and Noah’s relationship are addictive and utterly gripping: from scouring vintage record stores in Brooklyn to visiting secret underground art installations; from leaving mysterious packages outside hotel rooms to the trials and tribulations of trans-atlantic relationships. We’re desperate to see what’s in store for them in Girl Online: On Tour!

5. Oodles of Inspiration…

One thing’s for sure – we can’t help but be inspired by the world of Zoe’s Girl Online books. Not only are they brimming with gorgeous Instagrammable Brighton locations and mouth-watering foodie treats, they’re also full of really empowering messages about individuality, friendship and overcoming anxiety. We finished the first book excited about life and full of ideas, and we can’t wait to revisit that feeling in Girl Online: On Tour! Roll on October…

Girl Online on Tour by Zoe Sugg is available to order online today as a Hardback or eBook.