Getting Kids Excited to go Back to School

Getting Kids Excited to go Back to School

Make their Packed Lunches Exciting

Your kids will have loved the abundance of home-cooked meals (who doesn’t?), so it’s no surprise that a squashed cheese sandwich won’t seem overly appealing on their first day back at school. Try spicing up their lunchbox with tasty but healthy treats, such as pasta salads or fajitas, for them to look forward to.

Write Letters and Cards Together

A great way to encourage little ones to practise their handwriting is to sit them down to write a card for someone special. It could be a card to let a relative know they’re thinking of them or simply a thank you note for the milkman:

“Taking the time to spread kindness is something we’re practising at home and a thank you card is a great way to put a smile on someone’s face and practise our writing skills”.

Get their Brains into Gear

Gently getting their brains into gear in the run-up to ‘back to school’ is one of the best ways to help them focus. Whether it’s tackling a jigsaw together or reading a new children’s book, there are many ways this can be achieved.

Arrange a Play Date

Just before they return to school, invite one or two of their friends over for a play date. It will remind them of one of the main things they love about school (their friends) and how much they’ve missed them over the break.

“We invited a couple of Millie’s friends to the park to play a few days before school started. They all enjoyed catching up and the final words of “see you at school!” meant that she was genuinely excited about the first day back”.

Sign Up to New Activities

A new sport or hobby is ideal for making new friends and keeping the school week feeling fresh and exciting. After-school activities can vary from kicking a football around, to learning outdoor survival skills, to dance classes. Keep an eye out for something new and exciting to join in your area.

“Our school has a kids’ newspaper that all the kids can contribute to. Jack started drawing a comic series for it last year, he absolutely loves it.”

Treat Them to New Stationery

The new school term is the best time for a fresh start, so let them out some fun and colourful new stationery to get learning off to the best start. From pens and rulers to folders and pencil cases, it’ll certainly bring a bit of excitement back.

“I had Oli go through his pencil case with me, throwing away any pens that no longer worked. Out with the old – in with the new! Even though it doesn’t seem like much, it gave him a fresh outlook”.

Plan Something Exciting for the Near Future

Returning to the routine of school can feel a little daunting and if your kids really aren’t looking forward to going back to school then it might help to have some weekend plans lined up to keep their motivation up. A trip to the zoo or a family bbq might be all they need to keep their spirits up.

Show Excitement Yourself

It sounds obvious, but if you’re complaining about going to work then your child will pick up on this and feel unmotivated too. Lead by example with a forward-looking attitude, and show excitement and enthusiasm about the week ahead.

Do you have any other tips or tricks when it comes to getting your kids excited about the new term? We’d love to hear from you in the comments box below.

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