Get the Look: Vintage Floral

Get the Look: Vintage Floral

Vintage florals have been trendy for a while now, made particularly popular by brands such as Cath Kidson, Caroline Gardener, Emma Bridgewaterand Laura Ashley. We’ve used a mix of pastel shades that are still trendy from the spring season, and bright summery shades to create a fresh and fun look. The various floral textures we’ve used have also created a bolder take on the look. We particularly love the traditional rose design of Emma Bridgewater’s expanding filemixed with Caroline Gardener’s ditsy floral style pencil case. This look is so versatile that there’s plenty of room to play with it and express your personality- try out soft florals such as Emma Bridgewater or throw in some strong colours from the Katarina range.

Get the Look: Vintage Floral
  1. Key products to shop:

  2. Emma Bridgewater Expanding File
  3. Striped Clipboard
  4. Cupcakes Address Book
  5. Cath Kidson Provence Notebook
  6. Caroline Gardener Ditsy Pencil Case
  7. Katarina Storage Box
  8. Emma Bridgewater Address Book
  9. Caroline Gardener Pocket Notebooks
  10. Pink Mechanical Pencil
  11. White Fountain Pen
Get the Look: Vintage Floral

What’s your take on a vintage floral style? Inspire us in the comments box below.

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