Get Involved in The Big Art Challenge #MakeAStartInArt

Get Involved in The Big Art Challenge #MakeAStartInArt

For many of us thinking about giving art a go at home, it can be intimidating learning about the vast amount of materials, equipment and techniques that are out there. We appreciate that it doesn’t help having about ten different paintbrushes to choose from! But we promise that it’s all much more straight forward than it looks, and with a little practise and guidance you’ll soon be browsing the art aisle with confidence.

We believe that art should be inclusive and accessible to all, and something silly such as not knowing which pencil to use to begin with definitely shouldn’t get in your way. Which is why we’ve launched our new campaign for 2016 – #MakeAStartInArt – to help everyone from absolute beginners, to hobbyists looking to improve, to intermediates wanting to broaden their knowledge get the information they need.

Over the next few months we’ll be cutting through the jargon to explain what the essential terms and techniques mean and when you might expect to use them, providing tutorial videos to help you develop your skills, and demonstrating what does what and why to help you make informed decisions on the materials and equipment you actually need to get started. And to give you something to work towards, we’ll be holding several competitions – including a live sketch off! – to get you practising your skills, finding your style and trying new things.

The community of online art enthusiasts is one of the most friendly and helpful we’ve had the privilege to engage with, and so we cannot recommend enough that you join in with discussions, ask questions, give advice and share your experiences using the hashtag #MakeAStartInArt. You may just find that the world of art isn’t as intimidating as you first thought. And who knows; you may even be taking the first step towards a rewarding and exciting new hobby.

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And if you’re looking for the right tools to get started then our selection of Art and Craft materials are available to browse online today.

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