Fresh Talent: Freedom’s Child by Jax Miller

Fresh Talent: Freedom’s Child by Jax Miller

Freedom’s Child – Jax Miller

Call me what you will: a murderer, a cop killer, a fugitive, a drunk…

There’s a lot people don’t know about Freedom Oliver. They know she works at the local bar. They know she likes a drink or two. What they don’t know is that Freedom is not her real name. That she has spent the last eighteen years living under Witness Protection, after being arrested for her husband’s murder. They don’t know that she put her two children up for adoption, a decision that haunts her every day.

Then Freedom’s daughter goes missing, and everything changes. Determined to find her, Freedom slips her handlers and heads to Kentucky where her kids were raised. No longer protected by the government, she is tracked by her husband’s sadistic family, who are thirsty for revenge. But as she gets closer to the truth, Freedom faces an even more dangerous threat.

She just doesn’t know it yet.

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Jax Miller Biography

Jax Miller was born in New York in 1985. She started writing Freedom’s Child while travelling around America on the back of a motorcycle and finished it in the peace and quiet of the Irish countryside.

Within 24 hours of writing ‘The End’ she had been signed up by a literary agent, and a few days later she had a publishing deal.

Freedom’s Child is Jax’s debut novel and will be published in over a dozen languages.

She lives in Ireland with her husband.

Jax Miller on the Inspiration Behind Freedom’s Child

I never thought of myself as a true writer, I still struggle with having the word ‘author’ on my tongue. That was for the intellectuals, a world I never knew too much about. So when people come to me or review me, saying how my breaking the rules in writing is some breath of fresh air, something I was clever to do, I have to laugh. The truth was, I just never knew (nor did I ever care to follow) the rules. But I’m happy with the result.


The character of Freedom was literally born on the backseat of a motorcycle while I was riding with a group of guys I met on the road, around the Georgia (US) border a few years back. Writing was fairly new to me, something I’d recently discovered through a counselor who encouraged me to try it while I was recovering from drugs two years prior in a rehab in Kentucky, far away from my native New York. She nagged at me in the night, this woman who just HAD to be put on paper. I ignored this feeling for a while, trying to focus on a different book I spent a lot of time and energy on, but Freedom was tenacious… as any reader soon learns.

I was aimlessly hitchhiking around America (because who likes to consider themselves homeless, right?) and the road could be a lonely one. This fictional character became my only friend, my partner in crime… at least I didn’t have to worry about her leaving me or judging me, and in every sense, I never had to wear a mask with her. This book is a true reflection of who I was in those days. My moods poured in daily to align with Freedom’s.

Once I realized that writing this book was a new outlet for all my negative emotion, my new drug of choice if you will, I couldn’t stop. Writing is what I eat, breathe and sleep now. I don’t like to think of what kind of mess I’d be if I just stopped, I can’t imagine living happily without it. There are only two things that keep my demons at bay: writing and praying. I do a lot of both.

Freedom’s Child was never intended for an audience. At first, the idea of people reading my book was comparable to the cliché standing-naked-in-front-of-the-classroom nightmare you hear about. It was personal, it was the only good thing to come from one of the darkest eras of my life, and like I said, writing professionally wasn’t something people like me did. I contend, that both in fiction and in real life, Freedom is the unlikely hero in both of my stories.

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