Your Boxing Gloves Live Sketches #SketchOff #MakeAStartInArt

Your Boxing Gloves Live Sketches #SketchOff #MakeAStartInArt

7.30pm February 22nd 2017 – Boxing Gloves Still Life

I must admit I was a little scared by the subject buy I really enjoyed the challenge. I started with gouache but felt that it looked a little stagnant so I used the ink, thicker gouache and a feather to really scratch in and get the feeling of movement. – Jo McLaren Dunn

Thanks to everyone who took part again this week and don’t forget to join in with the next #SketchOff at 7:30pm on Wednesday 22nd March 2017. Keep an eye out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the #SketchOff hashtag for more information. Until then, why not take a look through the amazing archives here to see how talented our sketchers are!

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