Fired-Up Gifts for Fitness Fanatics

Fired-Up Gifts for Fitness Fanatics

Gadget Shop Active Push Up Grips

These push up grips from the Gadget Shop Active range help to improve your upper body strength. A pair of push-up stands which are lightweight yet strong – ideal for exercising at home or away.

Davina: 7 Minute Fit

Fitness programme hosted by TV presenter Davina McCall. The programme features workouts lasting seven minutes and can be tailored to suit the user’s needs with different routines that can be used in various combinations.

Your Choice Cycling & Triathlon Magazine Subscription Gift Pack

A magazine subscription makes a perfect gift. However, choosing the right magazine for that special someone can be tricky. So, why not let them choose from the UK’s leading Cycling magazines?

Gadget Shop Active Resistance Body Toner

This Gadget Shop foam covered Body Toner is a targeted resistance toner which increases strength and firms muscle without adding bulk. Includes a workout instruction sheet to give you exercise ideas, to get the best out of your workout.

Made: A Book of Style, Food and Fitness

With access to some of the best nutritionists, make-up artists, fitness trainers and fashion designers, Millie has taken everything she has learnt from all of these professionals and put together the ultimate book of tips and ideas for achieving the same success.

Gadget Shop Active Exercise Wheel

This easy glide exercise wheel is great for increasing balance and flexibility as well as toning abdominals, strengthening arms, shoulders and developing back muscles. The two wheels provide maximum stability for a range of intense workouts.

Gadget Shop Active Pedometer

Large, easy-to-read display on a spring-loaded belt clip, which flips up for easy viewing. Accurately counts number of steps up to 99,999, measures walking, hiking and running distances up to 100 miles/km and calculates number of calories burnt.

Gadget Shop Active Hands Free LED Light

Multi purpose hands free LED light. This clever light can be used as a headlamp, book light, a hand torch and clip light. Could even be used as an emergency flash light. Great for sports use on a bike to clip to a helmet or for wearing around the head whilst out running.

Miranda Hart’s Maracattack

This beautiful Melodie recipe folder is a great way to store delicious recipes. This blue folder with a bird design features six dividers for indexing your favourite dishes. Perfect as a gift for any food enthusiast!

Gadget Shop Active Gadget Shop Collapsible Water Bottle

This great space saving water container is perfect for sport or putting in a bag as it collapses when empty to really save space. Comes with handy metal clip so can be attached to a backpack or bag. Holds 500ml.

Your Choice Fitness Magazine Subscription Gift Pack

A magazine subscription makes a perfect gift. However, choosing the right magazine for that special someone can be tricky. So, why not let them choose from the UK’s leading Fitness magazines?

Jason Vale’s 5:2 Juice Diet

Jason Vale – the world’s number one name in juicing – brings you his final “juice diet plan” ever – the 5:2 Juice Diet. By taking 5:2 beyond simple calorie counting and combining the science behind it with some incredible, nutrient-rich and delicious juice recipes.

Yoga Girl: Finding Happiness, Cultivating Balance and Living with Your Heart Wide Open

In Yoga Girl, Rachel Brathen gives readers an in-depth look at her journey from her self-destructive teenage years to the happy and inspiring life she’s built through yoga and meditation.

Walking the Weight off For Dummies

Get up, get moving, and walk away the pounds If you’re looking to lose weight and get fit, Walking the Weight Off For Dummies will show you just what to do to walk yourself to a whole new you. Whether you want to burn fat, boost your energy level, improve your mood, shed your belly, or just get toned.

Get the Glow: Delicious and Easy Recipes That Will Nourish You from the Inside Out

Every mouth-watering dish is easy to make, contains ingredients that can be found in your local supermarket and won’t break the budget. You’ll lose weight, feel healthier and will glow on the inside and out.

Sod Seventy!: The Guide to Living Well

Keep fit, keep the brain going, and with a spot of good fortune you can be living a fulfilling, active life into your nineties and beyond. This book – part exercise book, part manifesto for a happier, healthier life – tells you how.

Royal Marines Fitness Manual: Improve Your Personal Fitness the Marines Way

This manual provides you with all the tools and information you need to put together a training programme specific to your own targets, and to adapt it as you surpass your expectations.

Your Choice Sport Magazine Subscription Gift Pack

A magazine subscription makes a perfect gift. However, choosing the right magazine for that special someone can be tricky. So, why not let them choose from seven of the UK’s leading sport titles?

Gadget Shop Active Speed Rope

This speed rope is designed for increased cardio performance. It’s lightweight for speedier spinning and helps improve your speed, strength, agility and co-ordination. Strong, smooth ABS handles are easy to grip.

Darcey Bussell: Pilates for Life

International ballet star Darcey Bussell presents this guide to pilates, taking the viewer through warm-up routines, a variety of pilates techniques, plus routines designed to target specific parts of the body.

Gadget Shop Active Inflatable Fitness Ball

This inflatable fitness ball is great for strengthening core muscles and improving balance. Pack includes pump and workout instruction sheet to give you tips to get the best out of your workout. This fitness ball is sure to be an excellent addition to your fitness regime.

FourFourTwo Magazine Subscription Gift Pack

With a subscription to FourFourTwo magazine, you’ll be able to read the popular ‘The Player’ column every month, which gives you an insight into the things you don’t normally get to see in the professional football world.

Gadget Shop Active Resistance Stretch Tubing

Ideal for stretching and increasing flexibility, these resistance stretch tubing comes with 3 different levels of resistance. Ideal for toning arms and legs, tightening abdominals, developing shoulder and back strength and increasing flexibility.

Miranda Hart’s Maracattack

Alongside new comedy sketches, the programme includes a cardio workout, a higher intensity cardio workout, strengthening exercises for the arms, core, legs and buttocks and a relaxation session. The emphasis is on fun throughout and the workouts are performed to some cheesy pop classics.

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