Our Favourite Halloween Costumes 2014

Our Favourite Halloween Costumes 2014

Paul Baker was our winner this year with this spectacular group shot of his family emerging from the ground as zombies. So much creativity and commitment!

Lisa’s goddaughter makes an adorable Mike from Monsters Inc.

Our very own Rowan Coleman whose novel ‘The Memory Book‘ features in Richard and Judy’s book club list this Autumn joined in with this sweet snap of her dog dressed up as a cat.

Charlotte’s little girl is so cute as a pumpkin!

Emma looks ready to dash out to the mystery machine in her costume!

This ghost has certainly found a creative hangout to haunt!

Catherine’s pumpkin fairies are so sweet in their Halloween dresses.

This scary pirate has mastered her spooky Halloween pose

Lydia put on a frightfully delicious feast for Halloween. Not sure we’d recommend carving anything with a chainsaw though!

Purmala’s makeup looked stunning for Halloween.

We truly hope those are contact lenses Lucy. Very frightening!

Let us know what you dressed up as this year in the comments box below.