Exclusive Video! James Patterson Discusses Cross the Line and the Alex Cross Series

Exclusive Video! James Patterson Discusses Cross the Line and the Alex Cross Series

James Patterson on Cross the Line Transcript

Honestly America is in the worst state it’s been in a long time. And in Cross the Line, Alex Cross is dealing with that kind of situation in Washington DC. And it’s so bad that he’s put in the position where he may have to cross lines that he’s never crossed before. And it’s very true to American life right now and Alex Cross is in the middle of it.

How has Alex Cross changed over the course of the series?

Unlike me, Alex is actually getting younger, which is pretty cool. As the series progresses Alex is battle-worn, it’s very difficult to deal with what he deals with year after year. The things he’s seen, the things he’s experienced, the fact that he’s shot people. And his kids are growing up, which is a big deal. And for me, the important thing is I keep finding out things about Alex that I didn’t know. And I keep wanting to sit down and write another book.

Do you know what the future holds for Alex or will your find out as you write?

I generally find out about Alex as I write, and I generally only know what was in the book, I don’t know everything about Alex. Which is part of what makes it interesting for me, because I just keep finding out new things. So I don’t know what’s going to happen, what I do know is that I’m always interested in surprising readers, so when Alex surprises me, I’m going to surprise you.

What do you enjoy most about writing the Alex Cross series?

I’m attached to Alex as the way an awful lot of readers are. I want to find out what happens to him next. I don’t feel like I know everything about him. I do feel that he’s growing. And I love to set up situations that are basically impossible for any human being to deal with and then throwing Alex in the middle of it.

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