Exclusive Cover Reveal! Martina Cole – Get Even

Exclusive Cover Reveal! Martina Cole – Get Even

Martina Cole Introduces us to Get Even

“It’s the tale of a woman who finds herself – she marries very young – and she eventually finds herself in this really violent world. She copes with it very well. The men in her life she doesn’t cope with so well. And it’s really about people validating their existences, that’s for the men as well as Sharon the main character. I think it’s a book that will resonate with a lot of women and a lot of men about being in relationships with very controlling people. And how do you extricate yourself from something that you didn’t choose to happen to you. I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to give too much of the story away, but I think ‘Get Even’ is the perfect title for it.” – Martina Cole

An Exclusive First Look at the Brand New Paperback Cover for Get Even by Martina Cole:

Read an Extract from Get Even below to meet Sharon and find out more about her first husband – Lenny Scott.


God be merciful to me a sinner.
Luke 18:13

Sharon was drinking a glass of wine and wondering how her wonderful, charmed life had been reduced to this. She had once been the envy of all her friends. But the reality could not have been more different to the illusion.

She closed her eyes and pictured her first husband, Lenny Scott, in her mind’s eye. She had started going out with him at thirteen and married him at seventeen, much to her parents’ chagrin. But they had been so happy together – they had had two sons and that had cemented their relationship.

Then he had been brutally murdered, found tortured and battered to death one night – and that was it.

That same night she had also uncovered his secret – the secret he had kept from her and everyone around him for so many years. A secret that would have caused untold aggravation and upset in the world of Faces, affecting her boys’ lives into the bargain, if it had ever been revealed.

But what good had keeping the secret done them really? Today she had visited her sons in prison, and they had acted like being there was just a game. They had killed someone and they thought it was funny. How had she allowed that to happen? How had she not realised that they were broken and turning into f***ing thugs? Because that was all they were. They weren’t even true Faces; they had just beaten a man to death for no reason. She couldn’t believe that her two boys, who she had had such hopes for, could have turned out so wrong.

She swallowed down her tears, because tears were useless. Life was sh*te, really. No matter how great you thought it was, it could always creep up and bite you on the arse when you least expected it. Well, f*** it! She had never known the reason behind her Lenny’s death. She had lived all these years in ignorance – until tonight the one man left in her life that she trusted had told her the truth. And now there was no going back.

She gulped at her glass of wine. She needed the alcohol to get through this. Tonight she was going to right some wrongs. No matter what danger it might bring to her door, there was no stopping what was about to happen.

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