Diane Janes signing Death at Wolf’s Nick

Diane Janes signing Death at Wolf’s Nick

WHSmith The Guildhall Shop Centre, Exeter

Saturday 24 March from 12pm

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Come and meet author Diane Janes in Exeter where she will be signing her new book Death at Wolf's Nick.


In January 1931, on a lonely stretch of Northumberland road known as Wolf's Nick, flames rose up into the night sky from the neighbouring moorland. Beyond anyone's help, Evelyn Foster lay near her burning car herself engulfed in flames desperately hoping to be found by a passing vehicle. With her last breath she described her assailant: a mysterious man with a bowler hat who had asked her to drive him to the next village, then attacked her and left her to die. What followed was a remarkable effort by some members of the police to track down Evelyn's killer while other members of the force questioned the circumstances, Evelyn's character and if there was even a man at all. Professional crime writer and lecturer Diane Janes gained unprecedented access to Evelyn s case files. Through her evocative description, gift for storytelling and detailed factual narrative, Diane takes the reader back to the scene of the crime, painting a vivid picture of village life and the social attitudes of the 1930s. Central to this tragic tale, is a daughter, sister and friend who lost her life in an unspeakably horrific way, and the likely name of her murderer, revealed for the first time... 90 years after her death.

Diane Janes

Diane Janes grew up in Birmingham. In between marrying and raising two children she worked in seemingly every field, from mortgages to engineering, until eventually she gave up the day job to write full time. This resulted in two shortlistings for the CWA Debut Dagger and subsequent publication. Diane has lived in the north of England for the last twenty years. When not writing or lecturing she enjoys travel and watching tennis.

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