Harmony Nice signing Wicca – Expired

Harmony Nice signing Wicca – Expired

WHSmith, 27/29 Gentleman's Walk, Norwich NR2 1NA

Wednesday 31 October from 4pm

Event Information

Come and meet twenty-something YouTuber and Instagram star Harmony Nice in WHSmith Gentleman's Walk, Norwich on Wednesday 31 October from 4pm. Harmony will be signing her debut book, Wicca.


To me, Wicca will always be about experiencing the earth, working with what you can find and practicing the craft for its true meaning. It promotes equality in all and has brought me many benefits: acceptance, kindness and self-love. Harmony Nice is at the heart of a growing community of modern-day wiccans who practice natural magic to improve their own lives and the world around them. In Wicca she encourages you to explore the positive impact that ritual, meditation and embracing nature can have on your creativity, confidence and sense of self-worth. Discover how to cast spells, start your own Book of Shadows, join a coven and feel empowered to follow a path that feels good and true to you.

Harmony Nice

Harmony Nice is a 21-year-old Youtuber and author from Norfolk. Growing up in a small, rural town, Harmony became fascinated with the natural world from a young age. She loved playing in the garden and helping her mother to grow herbs and flowers. At the age of 14 Harmony learned about her great-grandmother Hilda, a witch who passed away before Harmony was born. The tales about her great-grandmother sparked Harmony’s interest in Witchcraft. Harmony soon began her witchcraft journey; casting spells, performing rituals and trying various forms of divination. She was an eclectic witch for most of her teenage years until discovering Wicca at the age of 17, when she changed her path and became an eclectic Wiccan. Harmony started her YouTube channel in 2013, originally creating beauty related videos. However, she soon discovered that people were interested in her life as a Wiccan and began to talk about her faith in order to interest and educate viewers in Wicca, magick, divination & spirituality. Viewers seemed to be interested in discussing and learning about Wicca and a community of followers for her channel began to grow. Four years later Harmony’s channel has grown to 380,000 subscribers and she has a successful Instagram page with 290,000 followers. She continues to follow the Green Wiccan path and to teach wicca on her channel, as well as creating videos about spell work, the paranormal, unsolved mysteries, hair and make-up. Harmony has written her first book as a guide to being a modern wiccan, overcoming obstacles and embracing the opportunities that 21st century life might throw at a practising wiccan and emphasising the ethical and nature-based fundamentals behind the faith.

Terms and Conditions

• Books must be purchased from WHSmith. Proof of purchase may be necessary • Please note we may take photos at the event, as an attendee you consent to photos of you being used for promotional purposes. If you do not want your photo taken, or that of your children, please let a member of the WHSmith store know