Educabulary Plus Share Their Revision Tips for the 11+ Exams

Educabulary Plus Share Their Revision Tips for the 11+ Exams

With so much experience in helping children to improve their vocabulary at home, we asked Educabulary Plus to share their tips to help children revise for their entrance exams.

There are many ways in which you, as a parent can assist your child with their preparation for the 11 plus examination. Aside from offering unconditional support and encouragement you can provide optimal conditions to ensure their learning environment is as fun and stress free as possible.

  1. Set aside 30 minutes a day: Your child will benefit from a time period dedicated to study, so set aside thirty minutes per day and make it part of their routine. During this study time ensure there are no unnecessary distractions such as television, music or gaming devices. If there are siblings it can be beneficial to involve them with the period of learning so that your child does not feel alone in their studies and it will be an effective study time all round.
  2. Complete revision before 7.30pm:Learning ability decreases towards the end of the day so make time for studying at a sensible hour in the day. Ideally revision should be completed by 7.30pm.
  3. Keep hunger and thirst at bayEnsure your child has had sufficient refreshments before embarking on revision. A thirsty or hungry child will find it difficult to concentrate and apply themselves to learning.
  4. Set the scene for learning: Provide adequate lighting if your child is studying during the evening and if your child is studying during the day ensure there is sufficient natural light in the room. Provide a sturdy, yet comfortable chair, but avoid armchairs or the like as this will encourage too much relaxation.
  5. Break the monotony: Studying can be boring and repetitive for your child, so try different, fun methods of learning to break the monotony. For example, times tables can be learnt by chanting, 11 plus questions by using quizzes and vocabulary can be practised with flashcards. Your child will then benefit from the fun, interactive element of their learning schedule and be more motivated in their learning.
  6. Praise their efforts: Boost your child’s self esteem by praising their efforts, even when their answers are incorrect. Let your child know that you are proud of them. Do not shout or lose patience with your child. If there are areas in which your child is struggling, focus on these areas and again give praise so that confidence is built and maintained. Avoid hitting a brick wall on topics your child is finding difficult to grasp by revisiting them another time.
  7. Be creative: Where possible, be creative and provide opportunities for friends and other family members to participate with your child in competitive revision games. Most importantly, promote a fun learning experience for your child.

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Educabulary Plus Educabulary Plus game cards have been designed using extensive research on 11+ and private school examination papers and have been approved, tried and tested by head teachers, primary school teachers and tutors. Testing children’s knowledge and turning learning into a game, these cards are ideal for helping children revise for selective entrance exams. For more information, check out our range of Educabulary Plus products here.

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