5 Easy Paper Crafts to Keep the Kids Busy over Easter

5 Easy Paper Crafts to Keep the Kids Busy over Easter


Sun Catcher Easter Eggs

What better way to celebrate the spring sunshine than with these bright and colourful sun catcher eggs? Hang them in your windows and enjoy the way the various hues catch the light – the more colours, the better! And the great news is, they use sticky back plastic instead of glue, so mess is kept to a minimum!


1. Start by tearing your tissue paper into strips – you can be as messy as you like with this. When you’re done, put these to one side.

2. Cut two rectangles of sticky back plastic to the size you want your sun catcher to be. You’ll cut them to the right shape later…

3. Peel the cover off one of the sticky back plastic rectangles, and start laying the tissue strips across it. Get creative to make different designs – anything goes!

4. Remove the cover from the second rectangle of sticky back plastic, and place this over the tissue paper design. Press to secure, then draw an egg shape and cut it out.

5. Snip off some ribbon, shape it into a loop, and attach to the top of the egg using sticky tape or by punching a hole near the top. Hang your sun catcher up using the loop in a window or somewhere where the light will shine through.

Top tip: Don’t just stick to stripes – you can make fun zig-zag patterns and polka dots on your eggs, too. See if you can make each one completely different to the next!

Image via Kids’ Craft Room


Bunny Handprint Cards

This is great for making with younger kids, as it’s really quick and easy. In fact, the only hard part is waiting for the paint to dry!


1. Start by selecting your sheet of coloured card and folding it vertically into a card shape.

2. Paint your child’s hand with the washable paint, apart from their thumb.

3. Get them to squeeze their ring finger and little finger together, and their middle and pointer fingers together, to make two ‘bunny ears’.

4. Press down onto the card, and lift away gently.

5. Using a brush, add pink paint for the nose and inside of the ears. Leave to dry.

6. Once dry, draw on eye, mouth whisker details using the Sharpie.

Top tip: You might want to have some kind of snack-based distraction on hand to keep fidgety little ones occupied while they’re waiting for the paint to dry!

Image via Crafty Morning


Easy Carrot Baskets

These little carrots are great for taking on an Easter egg hunt to find mini treats, or try filling them with sweets, coins and mini chocolate eggs for the perfect Easter gift. Vegetables have never looked so tasty!


1. Take a piece of orange paper, and cut it into a large semi-circle shape. Cut the semi-circle in half down the middle, so that you have two quarters.

2. Roll each quarter into a cone shape, and tape into place. You can use glue, if you prefer.

3. Turn it over so the seam is at the back.

4. Cut some green paper into a rectangle strip, then cut this into thinner strips, leaving them secured at the bottom. These are your leaf fronds! Attach this to the inside of the cone, again using tape or glue.

5. Using the orange felt-tip pen, decorate your cone with little squiggles for a life-like carrot effect!

5. Glue the side of the hat together using a glue gun, so that it forms the cone shape. Leave it to dry.

Top tip: Why not add a little carry handle so that it really looks like a basket? Just cut a strip of orange card and attach both ends to the top of the carrot, securing on the inside.

Image via Kids’ Craft Room


Crazy Paper Chicks

If you’re looking for a fun craft that involves little effort and mess, these cute chicks could be just what you’re after! Guaranteed to put a smile on any little face, they’re a joy to have around – dot them around the table at your Easter party, or get your child to hand them out to their friends.


1. Take your yellow paper and cut into even sized strips, around the width of your finger. For each crazy chick, you’ll need four strips of yellow paper.

2. Gently fold each trip so that you can easily locate the middle – be careful not to make a crease!

3. Apply glue to the middle of a strip, then glue another strip to make a cross. Now glue on the final two strips so that you make a Union Jack sort of shape.

4. Now you need to make a chick ball! Apply glue to one end of a strip, then glue them together to make a circle. Repeat with the other strips until you have a ball.

5. Cut wings out of more yellow paper and beaks out of orange paper. Glue into place.

6. Stick on some googly eyes and give your chick a name!

Top tip: You don’t have to just use yellow paper – try all sorts of colours for an even crazier flock of chicks!

Image via Easy Peasy and Fun


    1. You Will Need
    2. A styrofoam ring, or a ring cut out of cardboard.
    3. Pastel-coloured card
    4. Bright, glittery or patterned paper
    5. Coloured ribbon
    6. Pins
    7. PVA glue and/or sticky dots
    8. Scissors
    9. Adhesive gem stones
    10. Pastel blue ribbon
    11. Stapler (and staples!)
    12. And last but not least… patience!

Spring Flower Wreath

Who said that wreaths were just for Christmas? Not us! We love a bright and cheery spring wreath to celebrate the new season; and if you’ve got guests coming round for Easter lunch, it makes a lovely welcome into your home! This one takes a little more time and effort than the other crafts on our list, but trust us: it’s 100% worth it…


1. To start making your flowers, cut your sheets of pastel card into squares. Take each square, fold it in half, then fold again to make a smaller square.

2. Now fold each square along the diagonal to make a triangle. Cut a teardrop shape out of the top of the triangle; when you open it up, you’ll have made a flower shape!

3. Do the same with smaller squares to make the inner part of your flowers, creating a 3D effect. Stick the smaller flowers on top of your larger flowers.

4. You can also make leaves by cutting various leaf shapes out of your coloured card.

5. Position your leave and flowers around your ring one at a time, securing in place with a pin (be careful!).

6. Now hide the pins by sticking your sparkling gem stones over the top.

7. Once your ring is covered, make a loop with the ribbon and secure at the top of the wreath using a stapler.

Top tip: Don’t worry about being too neat and perfect – the more mismatched it is, the more organic your finished wreath will look!

Image via Gathering Beauty

Get crafting with your little ones this Easter and don’t forget to share your pictures with us in the comments box below.

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