Do You Remember These Pencil Case Wins and Fails from School?

Do You Remember These Pencil Case Wins and Fails from School?

1. Using your pencil case to cover your answers during a test because obviously all your classmates were cheaters who would try to copy off you at every opportunity

2. If a pencil case had multiple pockets one of them would definitely be used for pencil sharpenings

3. Moving all your stationery into a brand new pencil case was a treat to be cherished and carefully planned

4. You were weirdly impressed by that one kid whose pencil case was covered in amazing doodles

5. And you always felt a bit crest fallen looking at the atrocity of your own effort

6. Fitting as many pens as you could into your pencil case was a challenge you were very happy to accept

7. You’ve felt the frustration of a pencil sharpener popping open inside the pencil case and the shavings getting everywhere

8. Exploring the contents of a new ready-filled pencil case was enough excitement to last you the week

9. Choosing a new pencil case from WHSmith was a very important task that required careful consideration

10. The horror of the lid coming off of your fountain pen and ruining your beloved pencil case

11. You would become friends with someone simply because of their choice of pencil case

12. Fluffy/shiny/novelty pencil cases were inevitably passed around the entire classroom for “oohs” and “ahhs”

13. Being asked to write on someone else’s pencil case was the highest privilege

14. If your pencil case had a cartoon face, it was perfectly acceptable to give it a name. For example, “can I borrow your pencil sharpener?” “sure, just put it back in Toby when you’re finished

15. If another kid showed up with the same pencil case as you, you instantly hated them

16. Wading through a stash of sweets, pennies, bus tickets and hairbands in search of a pen was a daily chore

17. The shock and disappointment of breaking the zip on your favourite pencil case. Only the thought of buying a brand new one got your through

18. Refusing to lend a friend any stationery because it would mess with your organisation system

19. You would sulk at only being allowed to use a clear pencil case in exams and would rebel by bringing in the brightest clear pencil case you could find

20. There was always that one person who had a pencil case that was almost bigger than your school bag

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One thought on “Do You Remember These Pencil Case Wins and Fails from School?

    I went to school during communism in Poland. Plastic Chinese pencil cases were colorful treasures against a gray background. There were huge queues in front of the shops… One of these behaved from the 70’s. Others I bought for love later. At the moment, three old Chinese pencil cases are on their way to me. I paid a lot of money for Kutzuwa on ebay 🙂 I think my collection has started <3

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