David Baldacci: Q & A on Memory Man

David Baldacci: Q & A on Memory Man

In his latest book Memory Man, the first in the new Decker and Lancaster series, David introduces us to Amos Decker, a man who nearly lost everything when his wife and only daughter were murdered in their home. After losing his job as a detective as his life spiralled out of control, he’s forced to pull himself together when his former partner Mary Lancaster tells him that someone has confessed to the murder of his family. New evidence links the murders to a recent case of a school shooting and Amos is forced to confront his memories to help solve the case.

We caught up with David to hear more about his new book and life before becoming a writer.

Hi David. So can you tell us a bit more about Memory Man?

Amos Decker had a traumatic brain injury on a football field and came out of it with hyperthemesia meaning he can’t forget anything. He later becomes a police officer and then a detective in a small town in the midwest USA. One night he comes home to find his family has been murdered. Decker spirals out of control, loses his job and becomes homeless. He hits rock bottom and then comes back a little bit, becoming a private investigator. Sixteen months after his family’s murder a man walks into the police station and confesses to the crime. Decker has to find out if the man is telling the truth. At the same time a mass shooting at the local high school devastates the town and Decker is call in to help with the investigation. He’s the most unique character I’ve ever written. I had to get out of my comfort zone to write this. But if a writer doesn’t stretch, he withers.

Which series do you most enjoy re-visiting?

It’s like picking a favorite child. Depending on the day, my answer could change.

How did you first become interested in writing?

I’ve been writing since I was a kid. As a child I never shut up, always telling these outrageous tall tales. My mother finally gave me a journal and told me to start writing some of it down. I did and when my pen hit the paper I was hooked for life. Later, I thanked her for this gift and she said that was great but all she really wanted to do was shut me the hell up. I became a lawyer to support myself and my family while I was trying to build a career in writing. Fortunately, I can now do it for a living.

Who are your favourite authors?

John Irving, John LeCarre, Agatha Christie, Walker Percy, William Styron, Patricia Highsmith, JK Rowling, JRR Tolkien, Eric Ambler, Harper Lee, Flannery O’Connor and Eudora Welty among others.

Memory Man by David Baldacci is available to order online today as a Hardback or eBook.

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