Crime and Thrillers #WHSBookmarks

Crime and Thrillers #WHSBookmarks

“Every man at the bottom of his heart believes that he is a born detective” – John Buchan

To kick off our exciting new project for book-lovers #WHSBookmarks [read more here], we’ve chosen Crime and Thrillers as our first topic. Crime and thriller books come in many forms and cater to many tastes. Some of us are as intrigued by the criminals as much as the detective investigating them. Some of us love puzzling over the clues in a classic detective novel. Others love the danger and mystery of a thriller. There are lots of different aspects to crime novels that keep us coming back for more.

As #WHSBookmarks gets underway, we’ll be diving into various sub-genres of crime as we explore, recommend and debate our favourite authors, books and characters. You can expect tough questions such as “who is the all time greatest crime/thriller author” – don’t worry we won’t restrict you to just one – and some slightly easier questions such as “who is your favourite villain”. Personally, there will always be a space reserved in our nightmares for Hannibal Lecter. You can join in with our debates on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Instragram using the hashtag #WHSBookmarks and the hashtag of the particular debate you’re interested in – we’ll announce each one as we pose our questions.

As well as spirited books conversations on our social channels, we’ll be celebrating all things crime and thriller related on our blog. You can look forward to guest posts and interviews with some of the top crime and thriller authors around, discussions about our favourite characters, books and writers, top 10’s, quizzes and much more.

As we get to the heart of those tricky questions you have after reading a book, meet like-minded readers and get some great recommendations, we’ll also be giving away some exciting crime/thriller prizes along the way, so don’t be shy and get stuck in!

If you have any suggestions for questions or topics that you’d love to debate with fellow crime/thriller book lovers then let us know using the hashtag #WHSBookmarks #Ideas.