Which Colour Stationery Suits your Personality

Which Colour Stationery Suits your Personality

Not only a part of your identity, how you use colour to arrange and decorate your working space can have a big impact on your mood and productivity. It can also affect how approachable you seem to others and influence what your colleagues think of you. Take a look at what each colour says about your personality and how it can influence your mood to pick the perfect shade to complement your working style.


If red is your favourite colour, you are likely to be ambitious, confident and courageous. You are full of energy and excitement and love to share your passion and enthusiasm for life with others around you. You always work hard to meet deadlines and get the job done. You embrace challenges and are committed to pursuing your dreams.

Red is a known confidence-booster, so use this colour when preparing for an interview or presentation, or attending an event where you’ll be meeting new people. Using red on your desk is a great way to present yourself as dynamic and confident.


If you have a preference for orange you may be a warm-natured, optimistic and sometimes flamboyant person. You love to be the life and soul of the party and thrive on social gatherings, often wanting to be a respected part of a group. You are a free spirit who loves to help others, and people are inspired by your energy and enthusiasm. You are assertive and determined but not aggressive, and are not afraid to take risks. You are an avid adventurer who loves the outdoors and are always planning your next escapade.

Use orange when you need to restore a balance in your emotions, in particular when you are feeling stressed or shocked. Orange can also inspire and encourage creativity, so use it when you need to think of new ideas.


If yellow is your favourite colour, you may be a logical thinker and like a sense of order in your everyday life. You are cheerful, fun to be around and have a strong independent streak. You are great at coming up with original and creative ideas, but often rely on other people to see them through. You have a slight tendency to have your head in the clouds, using your mind to achieve goals as opposed to physical energy. You are often spontaneous and are not afraid to think outside of the box.

You should use yellow to inspire and encourage creative thinking. It can be used to help with decision making and to improve memory, as well as helping you to clear your mind and stay focused.


If lime is your favourite colour you may have a desire to love and be loved, longing for both safety and security in your life. You are down-to-earth and practical with a keen interest in nature. You are empathetic, kind and patient and are extremely loyal to your friends and family. You have a thirst for knowledge and are very concerned with doing the right thing.

Lime is the colour of balance and harmony, so use it when you need to feel calm and grounded. You should also use it if you’ve experienced a knock to your confidence and need a ‘pick-me-up’.


If blue is your favourite colour you are trustworthy, genuine and sincere, always thinking before you speak. You like peace and harmony in your everyday life and are sensitive to the needs of others, caring very much for your close friends and family. You like to stick to what you know, rarely venturing outside of your comfort zone. You’re very sentimental and are in-touch with your emotions.

You should use blue when you need to feel calm and collected. This colour is great for when you need to communicate something important, whether it’s with yourself or with others. Use blue paper or writing implements when you need to remember something important, like a speech.


If you favour purple you’re likely to be a perfectionist in all areas of your life. You think of others before yourself and always want to help whenever you can. People are inspired by your energy and you like to be creative and individual in your endeavours. You have a great imagination, so much so that you lose a sense of reality every now and then. With this imagination you are very creative and have an individual style, always wanting to stand out from the crowd. You love to travel, gain new experiences and meet new people.

Purple is the colour of creativity and should be used when you want to feed your imagination, for example if you’re writing a story.


If pink is your favourite colour you are likely to be very kind, generous and sensitive, caring greatly for the needs of others. You tend to see the good in everyone and often put other people before yourself. As well as this, you are both sensitive and romantic with an extremely positive outlook on life. You like to be organised with your work and are very methodical.

If you’re feeling a little tense or agitated, using pink will help you feel calm and peaceful.

Colour clash

If you like to clash colours, such as neon pink and orange for instance, then you’re likely to be confident and bold, though you can sometimes be indecisive. You’re creative, energetic and sociable and enjoy working in a team. You get along with all sorts of people and find it easy to socialise with different groups of people. With this in mind, you’re also naturally good at diffusing tense situations. You are easy-going and spontaneous, and are always up for trying new things.

You should use clashing colours when you want to communicate that you are approachable to others. Using clashing colours also suggests you are easy-going and open to new ideas and situations.

Does your favourite colour match your personality? Have you noticed a certain colour choice has influenced your mood? Let us know in the comments box below.