Choosing a Diary for 2015

Choosing a Diary for 2015

For the Professional:

For those of us with business appointments and meetings to keep up with, we need a diary with plenty of room to jot down important notes, space to scribble down key appointments and a design that slips into a pocket or briefcase with ease. A professional style that clients, colleagues and business partners will respect may be important if you’ll be using your diary in meetings, and so it may be worthwhile investing in a sleek, hardboard design such as our black A4 diary. With room to plot appointments at hourly intervals, and other useful features such as travel information and telephone records, it couldn’t be simpler to keep on top of various meetings and keep vital information to hand.

A5 Black Diary | Collins Elite A5 Compact Diary | Castelli A6 Tuscon Pink Diary

A Diary for the Head of the Family

For the Head of the Family:

Running a family is a careful operation of parent’s evenings, football practises, school plays, non-uniform days, doctor’s appointments and laundry days. Every parent has experienced the horror of realising there’s a cake sale or fancy dress Friday 10 minutes before you heard the kids out the door for school, which is why an organised planner soon becomes one of the most cherished items in the house. The Bright Side Family Organiser includes space for up to 5 family members to jot down appointments, perfect for ensuring you stay on top of all events.

A5 Mum’s Family Organiser | Letts A6 Good Housekeeping Diary | The Bright Side Family Organiser

For the Academic:

Between rushing to lectures, clocking up time in the library and running to hand in those assignments on time it can be easy to drop the ball somewhere as a student (remembering to eat seems to be surprisingly common!). Our mid-year diaries are perfect for keeping on top of the academic year, and many of them are slim and lightweight which makes them perfect for carrying around campus. If you’re looking for a full-year diary then the two week diary from The Bright Side is ideal for keeping an eye on upcoming assignments, and includes lots of witty comments to brighten up your day, even during exams week!

Student Planner & Academic Diary | Pocket Black Diary with Pencil | The Bright Side Midi Diary

A Diary for the Forgetful

For the Forgetful:

For those of us who always feel like they’re forgetting something (and more often than not are) then a diary is crucial to make sure we don’t miss those important events. Just don’t forget to check it! Week to view diaries display an entire week across one page, perfect for keeping visibility of what’s coming up in the next few days well ahead of time. Still offering space to jot down some notes too, you can make note of things to bring and remember, so that ‘sorry, I forgot’ is no longer your catchphrase.

Laura Ashley A5 Diary | A5 Silver Diary | Slim Black Diary

For the Reflective:

Many of us will have fond memories of keeping a diary as a child; a great outlet for expressing the feelings we probably shouldn’t be telling mum or our friends. Reflecting on our days as an adult can be equally as rewarding and an ideal way of tracking the progress we make that we might not notice on a day to day basis. Five year diaries are perfect for storing up all your thoughts, and our five year memory book lists one day from each year on the same page, so you can read what you wrote last year as you make today’s entry. Finding a diary with plenty of space for your thoughts will be most important.

One Line a Day 5 Year Memory Book | Q & A a Day 5 Year Journal | A5 Cherry Blossoms Diary

A Diary for the Fashionable

For the Fashionable:

Whilst a diary is certainly a practical item to keep in your bag or on your desk, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be fun and fashionable at the same time. We have plenty of fun, colourful and trendy styles to use in 2015, whether you’re looking for sophisticated, funky, cute, stylish or colourful, we have something for everyone. Our pink tartan diary is on trend at the moment and has a slim shape that can be carried around wherever you go.

A6 Elephant Diary | Slim Pink Tartan Diary | A5 Red Embossed Diary

For the Kids:

Children love having a place to scribble down thoughts and doodles, and a diary is a great way to get them thinking about time management and reflecting on their days. A cute design such as the Me to You Tatty Teddy or our Bramblewood owl is sure to catch their attention and help make writing fun. Day to view diaries are great if your child has a lot to write, but a week to view diary can work just as well for getting them into a positive habit. Don’t forget that pictures and poems can be equally as expressive as traditional diary entries so choose a diary that has plenty of space for your child to express themselves in the best way for them.

Bramblewood A6 Diary | Me to You Slim Tatty Teddy Diary | A6 Flutter Butterfly Diary

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