Children’s Homemade Christmas Cards

Children’s Homemade Christmas Cards

Children’s Homemade Christmas Cards

We learned two important lessons from the afternoon; firstly you can never have enough glitter, and secondly no matter how much newspaper you cover the table with, children will always find a way to make a mess regardless. Despite our newly glittered walls, we had a fantastic day and really enjoyed seeing the creative designs that the group came up with. From elegant, effortless and simple to bold, bright and shiny, there was something to suit everyone’s tastes and all for next to nothing as they recycled old accessories, cards and wrap.

Millie and mum Emma created some stunning designs with old ribbon and leftover glitter from last year

Amelie, Olivia and mum Katy made these colourful designs from old Christmas cards

Jamie made this sweet penguin card from scraps of black card and glitter

Rachel and mum Mel made these rustic cards using old tags and brown paper

Have you made your own Christmas cards this year? Share your designs with us on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments box below.

If you need a little help with your card-making this year then we’ve got some great sets to get you started. Or if you’d rather skip all the mess then take a look at our boxed Christmas cards here.

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