Children’s Books #WHSBookmarks

Children’s Books #WHSBookmarks

#WHSBookmarks is back and this month we’re focusing on children’s books. Nothing quite captures the imagination as the books we read as kids, with characters that soon become our friends, worlds that soon become our playgrounds and possibilities that soon become our dreams. No matter how old we get, the best children’s books can still transport us away to those magical kingdoms and happily ever afters that had us wide eyed with wonder when we were young.

As #WHSBookmarks gets going, we’ll be discussing all sorts of books for kids, whether it’s the books we have fond memories of as adults, the educational benefits of reading with our children or what to give your child to read next. Join us on Facebook and Twitter as we debate, discuss and recommend all things children’s book related and put some trying questions to the vote. Simply use the hashtag #WHSBookmarks in your comments to make your voice heard.

As well as fun social discussions, there will be plenty of children’s books blog posts for you to read, including top 10’s, interviews, quizzes, previews, slideshows and competitions. You can find out more about your favourite characters, relive memories from past books, share tips with other parents and meet like-minded readers to get some great recommendations. We’ll also be giving away some fantastic prizes for kids and adults along the way!

If you have any suggestions for questions or topics that you’d love to debate with fellow book fans then let us know using the hashtag #WHSBookmarks #Ideas.

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