Children’s Book of the Month April: Half Wild – Sally Green

Children’s Book of the Month April: Half Wild – Sally Green

In the first book we were introduced to Nathan, a teenage half white, half black witch whose father is the most powerful but cruel black witch in the world. To survive, Nathan had to escape his captor and abuser and track down his father in order to receive his magical abilities (gift) before his seventeenth birthday. In the second book Nathan is struggling to master his gift as the war between white witches and black witches spreads. Soon Nathan is drawn into the rebellion and is fighting with an eclectic group of friends and old enemies – not all of whom he can trust. Sally Green also addresses the tense cliff-hangers she left Half Bad on, as Nathan looks for his missing friend Gabriel, and tries to rescue white witch Annalise from the black witch Mercury who has put her into a death-like sleep.

‘Favourite book of the year. I have no words. *****’ – Booktuber Benjamin of Tomes

To give you a taste of what’s to come in this exciting sequel, Sally Green answers some questions about witches and gifts in this exclusive video, and below we also have an extract from Half Wild for you to get your teeth into.

An Extract from Half Wild

a new day

a crossbill calls

another bird replies, not a crossbill

the first bird takes over again

and again

the crossbill –

sh*t, it’s morning

i’ve been asleep

it’s morning, very early

sh*t, sh*t, sh*t

need to wake up need to wake up

can’t believe i’ve been asl–



the noise is here. HERE!


that level of noise means, oh sh*t, someone with a mobile is close. very close. i can’t believe i’ve been asleep with hunters on my tail. and her. the fast one. she was close last night.




it’s a mobile phone, for sure it’s a mobile phone. the noise is in my head, not in my ears, it’s to the upper right side, inside, constant, like an electrical interference, pure hiss, mobile hiss, loud, three-or-four-metres-away loud.


ok, right, lots of people have mobiles. if it’s a hunter, that hunter, and she could see me, i’d be dead by now.

i’m not dead.

she can’t see me.


the noise isn’t getting louder. she’s not moving closer.

but she’s not moving away either.

am i hidden by something?

i’m lying on my side, face pressed into the ground.

totally still. can’t see anything but earth. got to move a little.

but not yet. think first.

stay calm and work it out.

chchchchhchchchchhchchchhchchchchchhchhchchcchchchchhchchchhchchhchchchc hhhchchchchhchhchchchchccchchchchcchchhhhhhchchchchhchchchhchchhchcchhh

there’s no breeze, no sun, just a faint light. it’s early.

the sun must be behind the mountain still. the ground is cool but dry, no dew. there’s the smell of earth and pine and . . . there’s another smell.

what is that smell?

and there’s a taste.

a bad taste.

it tastes like . . . oh no –

don’t think about it

don’t think about it

don’t think about it

don’t think about it

think about something else

Think about where you are.

chhcchchchhchchchhchchchchchhchchchchchchchccchchchchchhchchcchchhchchch chchchhchchchhchhchchchchchchchchhhc

You’re lying on the ground, in the early morning, and the air is cool. You’re cold. You’re cold because…you’re naked. You’re naked and the top half of you is wet. Your chest, your arms…your face are wet.

And you move the fingers of your left hand, the tiniest of movements, and they’re sticky. Sticking together.

Like they’re coated with drying, sugary juice. But it’s not juice –

don’t think about it don’t think about it

don’t think about it don’t think about it





You’ve got to move. The Hunters are on your tail.

That fast one was close. She was very close last night.

What happened last night?

what happened?





You can look, move your head a fraction to see more.

The ground by your face is covered with pine needles.

Brown pine needles. But the brown isn’t from the pine, it’s the colour of dried blood. Your left arm is extended. It’s streaked in it. Crusted with dried brown. But your hand isn’t streaked in it, it’s thick with it.



You can find a stream and wash. Wash it all off.


You need to go. For your own safety you have to get out of here. You need to get moving. Get away.


The mobile phone is close, not changing. It won’t be coming closer.

But you have to look. You have to check.

Turn your head to the other side.

You can do it.

It looks a bit like a log. Please be a log please be a log please be a log please –

It’s not a log . . . It’s black and red. Black boots. Black trousers. One bent leg, one straight. Black jacket. Her face is turned away.

She has short light-brown hair.

It’s sopping with blood.

She’s lying as still as a log.

Still wet.

Still oozing.

Not fast any more.

The mobile phone is hers.

chhcchchchhchcchhcchchhchchhchhhchchhchchchccchchhcchchchhchcchchhchchcc chchchchchhchchchhchhchchcchchhchchchhchchcchchchchchhchcccchchcchchcchh

And as you raise your head you see the wound that is her throat.

And it is jagged and bloody and deep and red

Half Wild by Sally Green is available to order online today as a Hardback, Paperback and eBook.

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