Charlotte Crosby: An Interview on Me Me Me!

Charlotte Crosby: An Interview on Me Me Me!

We were lucky enough to catch Charlotte for a quick catch up about her new book and what we can expect to find in there!

Hi Charlotte! Congratulations on becoming a Sunday Times Bestseller! Do you feel at all surprised by your success? How does it feel to read all the amazing tweets and reviews about Me Me Me?

‘Sunday Times Bestseller’ is quite an intellectual title, so I was quite surprised someone like me got it! It’s been amazing to read all the reviews and see everyone’s supportive tweets. I was so nervous, wondering whether people were going to like the book but it’s been such a great turnout- all very overwhelming!

How would you summarise your book in 3 words?


What inspired you to write your own book? How did you find the experience?

I didn’t actually want to write my own book at first because I didn’t think people would be interested in what I’ve done. I didn’t think I was old enough, I didn’t think I had enough experience and I didn’t think people would be interested. My agent pushed for it though and when I met with Lucie Cave, the ghostwriter, I had so much fun reliving all my old stories and old memories I realised that people might actually find this funny because I laugh so much just thinking about them!

You are renowned for your honesty and openness- is there anything you regret publishing in Me Me Me?


Is there one outstandingly juicy reveal in Me Me Me? Can you give us a tiny clue?

I’m not a kiss and tell person- this is a different angle. This is more funny, jokes, laughter and great memories. Sorry to let you down!

What advice would you give to anyone considering reality TV?

Go for it, do it! Life is all about crazy experiences so grab everything with both hands, but don’t expect too much from reality TV as nothing much happens unless you’ve been on it for a long time.

Do you think that your success has changed you as a person?

Not at all.

What is your favourite chapter of your book?

Chapter 2: Becoming A Woman: My First Pube

If you had to pick one Geordie Shore member to live with forever, who would it be?

Sophie Kasaei. My first friend on Geordie Shore, and still my best friend. I’d love to live with her and die together.

Me Me Me! by Charlotte Crosby is out now and available to order online as a Hardback or eBook.