Books Weekly News Digest- September 26th 2014

Books Weekly News Digest- September 26th 2014

National Library Of Scotland Buys Early Printed Books For Public

The National Library of Scotland has purchased two of the country’s oldest printed books for the public. The two books were previously held in a private collection in Glamis Castle in Angus. One of the books, entitled the Aberdeen Breviary, was printed in 1509-10 and features readings and services used in Scotland’s churches. Bound to the book is another, smaller book called the Compassio Beate Marie, which details the arrival of St Andrew’s relics in Scotland.

Workers at the library said that the purchase of the two books will allow the public to access an essential piece of Scottish history. It is believed that the Aberdeen Breviary was compiled by the finest Scottish historians of the time, and was the first printed book to document the lives of Scottish saints. In fact, it was due to this book that King James IV granted a licence for printing in the country. Three more copies of the Aberdeen Breviary exist; one of them is already in the library’s collection. Each copy is different, with many scholars considering the Glamis text the best surviving version. The last time the library received such a significant example of early Scottish printing was over 200 years ago.

The two books, which are written in Latin, have been digitised and the public will soon be able to read them via the library’s website. In the meantime, you can read a little bit more about the two works here.

‘The Wonderful World Of Oliver Jeffers’ Exhibition Opens Tomorrow

Last week, you may remember that we told you about Oliver Jeffers visiting the UK in early November. Well, in the run-up to his arrival, a new exhibition exploring the illustrator’s work opens tomorrow at the Discover Children’s Story Centre in London. It will be an interactive exhibition, where kids and their parents will be able to jump right in to Jeffers’ imagination by exploring a number of different scenes from his books. The spaces will include a Lost and Found office, a beach, pier, garden, a rocket and a full-sized rowing boat which features in How to Catch a Star.

Take a look at the exhibition website to find out more.

Project Led By Durham University Will Help To Preserve Ancient Books

A ground-breaking project led by Durham University will ensure that some of the country’s most ancient Greek and Latin texts survive into the digital age. Professor Barbara Graziosi has been awarded a €150,000 grant from the European Research Council to continue her work in developing computer software that will translate some of the country’s oldest texts – dating back to the 16th century – onto a digital archive. What makes this project ground-breaking is the university’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) package, which allows academics to translate the text with more accuracy than ever before.

Cook Up Some Hip Hop-Inspired Grub With The New ‘Rapper’s Delight’ Cookbook

Rap + food = an unusual combination, to say the least. Nevertheless, three friends have joined forces to create a colourful cookbook full of delicious, rapper-inspired recipes. Rapper’s Delight: The Hip Hop Cookbook is packed with 30 mouth-watering dishes, including Snoop Stroganoff, Ludacrispy Duck and Notorious P.I.G. (featuring 2Pak Choi). Joseph Inniss, Ralph Miller and Peter Stadden are all hip hop fans and they all played a specific role in the book’s creation: Peter was in charge of the visuals, Joseph thought up the recipes and Ralph was designated editor. Accompanying each recipe is a delightful picture to marvel at, each created by one of 30 up-and-coming illustrators.

Check out the Rapper’s Delight cookbook on the WHSmith online store.

New ‘Rub-And-Smell’ Harley Quinn Comic Book

Have you read any of the Harley Quinn comic books? Well, soon you could be smelling one, too… At the end of next month, DC Comics will be releasing Harley Quinn Annual #1, a ‘rub-and-smell’ comic book which tells the tale of Harley as she breaks Poison Ivy out of Arkham Asylum and embarks on a ‘scent-enhanced’ adventure. The book will feature many scents, including leather, suntan lotion, pizza, and freshly-cut grass. The US edition will contain a scent referred to only as the ‘mysterious compound.’

Want to know more? You can read an interview with the writers, Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti here.

Young Bookworm Reads 125 Books Over The Summer

Laurie Shaw, a six year old boy from Diss in Norfolk, read a whopping 125 books over the summer holidays as part of a reading challenge set by his local library. Laurie’s mother, Shona, said that her son is so obsessed with reading that she finds it difficult to get him into school on time, as he’s always got his head buried in a book. Once, Shona waited half an hour for her son after school, only to find him reading in the toilet. The schoolboy’s favourite books include the Famous Five by Enid Blyton and Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl. Laurie was one of 70 other children who received a medal after completing the summer reading challenge, which was created in aid of the library’s 50th anniversary.

Which stories were you most interested in this week?

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