Books Weekly News Digest- October 10th 2014

Books Weekly News Digest- October 10th 2014

London’s Book Benches Raise Over £250,000 For NLT

If you did, there’s a chance you may have spotted some of the 50 brightly coloured, literature-themed benches that were scattered across the capital. Well, this week, those benches went to auction and raised a staggering £251,500 for the National Literary Trust (NLT).

The benches were part of the ‘Books about Town’ project; jointly organised by the NLT and creative producers Wild in Art. The benches, which celebrate classic books and authors, were designed by a handful of local, well-known artists, some of whom were the books’ original illustrators.

The collection featured benches inspired by Bridget Jones’ Diary, Dr Seuss, Elmer the Elephant, Great Expectations, James Bond, and Malorie Blackman’s Noughts and Crosses.

The auction was held on Tuesday at London’s Southbank Centre. P.G. Wodehouse’s Jeeves and Wooster-inspired bench fetched the most money: a whopping £9,500. Both the War Horse and James Bond Stories benches sold for £9,000, while the bench playing homage to London’s favourite bear, Paddington, sold for £8,800.

The project was funded by original publishers of the titles along with local businesses and trade organisations. The money raised will help to significantly improve literacy levels among disadvantaged children living in the UK.

Find out more about the ‘Books about Town’ project.

French Writer Patrick Modiano Wins Nobel Prize In Literature

French author Patrick Modiano has won this year’s Nobel Prize for literature.

Modiano is the 111th winner of the prestigious prize, which is worth 8 million kronor (approximately £700,000). Previous winners include literary greats such as Ernest Hemingway and Rudyard Kipling.

The writer is well-known in France but less so here in the UK, with only a small number of his novels being translated into English. His most famous book is Missing Person; a story about a detective who loses his memory and vows to find it.

According to the Nobel Prize website, Modiano won ‘for the art of memory with which he has evoked the most ungraspable human destinies and uncovered the life-world of the occupation.’

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David Walliams Unveils New Picture Book

British comedian turned writer, David Walliams, has unveiled a new picture book which will be published on 6th November.

‘The First Hippo on the Moon’ tells the tale of two hippos who dream of a space race to the moon. Staying true to Walliams’ writing style, the book combines fantastic storytelling with unforgettable characters and plenty of humour.

The book will be published by HarperCollins Children’s Books and illustrated by Tony Ross, who has worked closely with Walliams in his previous titles.

Walliams’ most recent children’s book, Awful Auntie, hit the shelves at the end of September and has already become this year’s fastest selling hardback with 100,000 copies bought in just two weeks.

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J.K. Rowling Explains Tweet Riddle

J.K. Rowling certainly kept her fans on tenterhooks earlier this week by writing a cryptic post on Twitter which read: ‘Cry, foe! Run amok! Fa awry! My wand won’t tolerate this nonsense!’

The immediate response was that the tweet referred to the return of Harry Potter, but Rowling soon quashed rumours by confirming that the post was actually the first line from the synopsis of a film screenplay she’s currently writing.

Code-breakers soon realised that Rowling’s tweet was an anagram of the words ‘New York’ and ‘Newt Scamander.’ Newt Scamander is the author of a textbook on magical animals from the Harry Potter books, called ‘Fantastical Beasts and Where to Find Them.’ J.K. Rowling published the book back in 2001 to raise money for Comic Relief.

Scamander will now play the main role in a film trilogy, with the first instalment expected to be set in 1920s New York.

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New Bob Dylan Book Features All His Songs

The many songs of Bob Dylan have been chronologically compiled into a book that will be released early next month.

‘The Lyrics: Since 1962’ will have a whopping 1,034 pages and will weigh in at around 13½ lbs. Publisher of the book, Simon & Schuster, told the Telegraph that it is ‘the biggest, most expensive book [they’ve] ever published.’

The book features artwork from 33 albums and an introduction written by British literary scholar Christopher Ricks, who has previously published a book on Dylan.

Only 3,000 copies will be printed, with 50 limited edition copies signed by the songwriter himself expected to sell for around £3,100.

Jacqueline Wilson Publishes Her 100th Book

Jacqueline Wilson, one of the nation’s most-loved children’s authors, has had her 100th book published this week.

The author published her first novel back in her early twenties and the release of Opal Plumstead means that Wilson, now 68, has a staggering 100 novels under her belt.

Opal Plumstead follows the story of a 14-year-old girl whose hopes of university are dashed when her father is sent to prison and she has to go to work to support her family.

Wilson is one of the UK’s best-selling authors, with over 35 million copies of her books sold in the UK alone.

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